Again, Death Is Not the Only Measure

The following were vet-scratched from races at Los Alamitos over just two days:

Makah Lane, injured
Mi Santo, unsound
Aberdeen’s Knight, injured
Baby Gronk, ongoing vet concerns (by stewards)
Think of Anita, injured
Lovely Evening, flipped in gate
Kiss Thru Fire, unspecified
Pattys Saint, unsound

Also, jockey Ruben Lozano was fined $300 for “striking his mount” (3-year-old Stuck in Probate) twice during the warm-up period on Dec 18. Mr. Lozano, the stewards say, “had no excuse and accepted the penalty.”

And at Santa Anita, over just three days:

Royale Flare, sick
Looks Rare, injured
La Chiquis, unsound
Egomania, unsound
Direct Line, unsound
Houndstooth, sick
Side by Side, sick
Who’s Candy, injured
Santa Cruiser, sick
Roll On Big Joe, sick
Sarwar, sick

Also, three “claims” (sales) were voided because the commodities in question – Chipper, American Grit, Nice Guy Clay – were “unsound.”

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  1. Just a paltry penalty for –
    committing an act of cruelty upon an animal which is a criminal offence under the law of the land.
    Please explain horseracing industry why you consistently and constantly permit acts of animal cruelty upon these poor horses. You clearly permit it because you do not do anything to stop it.

  2. “Had no excuse” for throwing a juvenile tantrum and striking a defenseless baby. It’s unfortunate that the vast majority of horses will simply take the abuse – which is why so many animal abusers masquerading as horse owners, trainers, and riders will inflict the most horrific torture on these animals. It’s a perverted power trip to be able to make such a large, powerful animal cower away from you.
    There is a special place in Hell for people who abuse children and animals. And even that is too good for them.

  3. Then there are the hundreds who have more than earned a safe retirement, but are now part of their “CLAIM AND DUMP” that guarantees their inhumane treatment and possible death.
    The goal is to squeeze every last drop of money, sweat, blood and tears from them with no remorse and no subsequent fiscal or moral responsibility to these high earners.
    Many of them drop dead on their tracks at the hands of these claiming parasites who go back in the next day and do the same thing all over again.
    HEY MARMALUKE (PA) bred for the hundreds of millions in breeder subsidies.
    This 6 y.o gelding has made over $511,779 and is still being exploited.
    RUNNINGWITHSCISSORS (NY) bred for the millions in subsidies in New York state.
    This 6 y.o gelding has made over $415,041 and is still being exploited.
    JEMOGRAPHY (NY) same as above only he’s made $466,355.
    CHRIS AND DAVE this 9 y.o gelding, former stakes winner in his day, made $882,721.
    Now running in the claiming ranks making money for owner after owner whose only goal is to squeeze every last drop of sweat and money from him with zippo remorse.
    HAMMERIN AAMER this 8 y.o gelding has made over $557,879 and is still being exploited.
    NIGHT OPS this 6 y.o gelding is a Graded Stakes winner of over $918,523 the bulk of his money went to owner STEVE LANDERS RACING LLC and trainer Brad Cox. When he was no longer able to earn in the upper levels of racing, they DUMPED him! Shame on you. He’s now being claimed and claimed while being dropped down and will probably end up running for a flake of hay like they all do.
    These morally deprived parasites are all condoned, supported and facilitated by a business that is just as morally deprived as they are.

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