Animal Abuse in the Gate

The following was taken by Horseracing Wrongs at Laurel Park on Dec 30. The anxiety and stress – the fear – of these poor animals is palpable. And all done, I remind, so that some men may gamble and others chase pots of gold.


  1. Yes so they can gloat! It’s a disgrace to put these horses through such torture. Please somebody stop this thing called horse racing, instead it should be called killing of the horses. STOP THIS HORRIBLE CRUELTY NOW.

  2. Hey, ed degrosso ….vp of marketing horseracingnation,how come you scrubbed Bo Derek the murdered filly from horseracingnation??????? How come ed degrosso? The horse’s life mattered you creep. Put it back up. Her life MATTERED. (he’s vp of marketing) so I think he would have the control over this deliberate removal of Bo Derek’s horse profile page. The whole WORLD knows she was brutally killed,at the age of 2,so it’s not like you can sweep her profile page under the rug. Her LIFE mattered! Bo Derek,THE horse MATTERED, even if you don’t think so.

    • I, too, think Bo Derek”s short, miserable life and hideous death is meaningful, Bonnie. And I agree the racing press HATES having to breathe a word about the thousands upon thousands of horrible endings their equine victims face. Whatever they choose to call themselves — turfwriters, or horse racing media, or, even more grotesque, “sportswriters” (ha!) — the racing press is the absolute WORST. (I make a point to call them out on it every chance I get:)
      Having said that (and having made mistakes along the way myself), I don’t see that HRN has removed anything about poor BD. They published a standalone story about her death race, unlike others. And I found her profile page at HRN listing her as “deceased.” So I’m confused why you’re singling them out.

        • Strange. Might be your firewall settings? Ad blocker? Because it’s still very much there.

          • Yes, it is strange. I dunno, I will have my brother look at it for me, because this just started. Strange thing is, it’s not happening with other horses I Google. Bro will have to solve it for me, I am so not “tech saavy”. That said …timing of glitch or whatever seems odd.

  3. This torture inflicted upon the horses is so cruel and devastating beyond belief. This bullshit needs to be stopped – stop thinking about the god damn almighty dollar and let the horses live and not trapped in this daily abuse inflicted by you losers. Humans are just the worse and all of those involved in horse racing needs to have the same treatment levied on them that they put on the horses. So sad – people are just sick f*ckers.!!

  4. Allegedly, the starting gates make the starting of a race more fair. Allegedly, the starting gates guarantee a fair start. I don’t think it’s that fair because horses can get hung up in the gate and injured in the starting gates. Some people say that horses are claustrophobic and I think that is true for most horses, if not all horses.
    Horseracing is a selfish and sadistic indifference to the horses for money. Even though some people lose a lot of money in racing and wagering, it’s a no-brainer that some people are getting more than their fair share of money by exploiting horses and demanding that the government pay for keeping it going.
    Stop the corporate welfare to the horse-abusing and horse-doping horse killers.

    • Years ago, i suggested to relevant racing authority in Australia to stop using the gates (called barriers here in Australia) as they cause incidents for horses suffering trauma, injuries and even death. In my research of racehorse deaths, I came across a number of horses who would go down in the gates and/or crawl under to get out! One particular mare did it (crawled under) and escaped more than once. Her trainer continued to force her to race until he got the last drop of blood out of her.
      A running start (not to be confused with a tape start) is fair and prevents the horses from suffering trauma, injuries and death.

      • One of the main points about starting gates, according to the information on the internet, aside from who invented them and when, is that they GUARANTEE A FAIR START.
        In the USA in 2022, there were at least two times when the starting gates malfunctioned. One gate out of several gates did not open leaving one horse standing or trapped inside the gate while the rest of the horses are running down the race track. How is that fair?
        From the standpoint of the connections of the horse and the gamblers who bet on that horse that gets left in the starting gate, how is that fair? This kind of malfunctioning starting gate appears to me as another way of race-fixing that appears to be accidental, but who knows how accidental it is?
        Don’t the rich and powerful people in this industry known for their multiple infractions of corruption and racketeering have competent maintenance personnel to maintain electrical equipment, which includes the starting gates, with competency?
        Horseracing is bad for the horses and must be terminated from all government subsidies and government-directed benefits to this egregiously CRUEL exploitation of horses.

  5. As usual, I can’t watch the video. But starting gates, like everything else in racing, were never designed with the safety of the horse in mind. Horses ARE severely claustrophobic animals, and to be forced into such a confining space while feeling and seeing the trepidation and fear of the other horses around them is a (proven) recipe for disaster.

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