HW to Educate Lawmakers (on Subsidies) on “State of the State” Day

Tomorrow, NY governor Kathy Hochul will deliver her “State of the State” at the Capitol in Albany. HW, along with other coalition members, will be there to educate lawmakers on the massive subsidization – $230 million per year – propping up the state’s horseracing industry. To remind, a bill was introduced last session that would redirect this corporate welfare back to where state-sanctioned gambling revenue is supposed to go in the first place: education. Follows are the broad strokes, and here is how you can take action (note: the bill numbers will be changing in the new session).


  1. From what I understand, no property taxes are being paid on the land that the New York Racing Association tracks are located. The NYRA made some kind of a deal with New York State for NYS to own the land that the tracks sit on and NYS pays the NYRA back in the form of subsidies.
    So the NYRA expects/demands the subsidies more or less in exchange for the land/real estate. This means that the NYRA is more or less getting a free ride by not paying property taxes on the real estate where NYRA tracks are located, plus they expect/demand that NYS pay them back (through the government subsidies) for the land that was supposed to have been a “gift” from NYRA to New York State.

  2. you are terrific to go there. let me know when you will go to nj. i will go with you then.

  3. BRAVO to you Patrick and for your team.
    All of us opponents of horse racing are pieces to a puzzle that, when completed, will FINALLY END this obscene amount of money going to support this FOR PROFIT business that kills racehorses on a regular basis.
    Please post a LINK to the LIVE BROADCAST if you are able since most of us will love to watch it and support you all.

    • Unfortunately, Gina, word came down late yesterday that the Capitol will be on lockdown before and during the governor’s speech, effectively blocking us (and other members of the public) from going. So while our materials – posters, signs – will still be there, we won’t.

      • How convenient is that?
        Covid, although serious, is now the modern day Sweet Patsy for politicians who don’t want to answer to the public it seems.
        This is a bummer, but we should all use this disappointment to serve as a catalyst to continue the “End Horse Racing Subsidies” campaign.
        Thanks for update.

        • There’s also the threat of random or targeted gun violence or something like that. Regardless of the reasons behind the decision to lockdown, it doesn’t stop the reality of so many different groups of people who speak out FOR PROTECTING HORSES, FOR EDUCATION and AGAINST the SUBSIDIZING of animal cruelty and torture. I expected Their Turn Animal Rights Activists to be on the list here, but I know that they do speak out against using horses to pull carriages in NYC. You may remember the horse that collapsed on the pavement while hitched up to a carriage not too long ago. The person who used that horse either straight up lied about not knowing the horse’s age or he was a complete and total moron. The horse was a STANDARDBRED, a harness racing horse, that had been retired from racing with a freeze-brand on the side of his neck. The code in the brand determined that he was 26 years old. The age of this horse was a blatant violation of the rules of The Horse and Carriage Association of NYC. Their rules limit the age of carriage horses to 15 years old. A spokesperson stated that the carriage driver didn’t know his age. So that is the modus operandi of people who ABUSE horses for racing and pulling carriages; use absolute moronic stupidity as an excuse for breaking the rules and causing harm to horses.


          • I’m sure there’s gun violence concerns, but there’s a platitude of alternative forums for the public to express their views to politicians.
            We are living in the 21st century where very effective platforms such as ZOOM are readily available so I don’t buy their excuses.
            Since gun violence or viruses are not going away, unfortunately, politicians need to implement online forums and meetings for communications to resume.
            Perhaps it all starts with younger politicians in Washington who better reflect our demographics and that’s on both sides.
            Our youth will come, I think, with great ideas and they are certainly comfortable with technology because my younger nephews can run circles around me.
            It’s time for the old guard to let new younger politicians in and there’s lots of them waiting in the wing, but we have an old guard that just won’t go away.
            These senior politicians have grown up with these antiquated business models, like horse racing, and instead of getting rid of them they keep finding more taxpayers money or ways to keep them going instead of doing what’s needed and cancel all of that.
            I think a younger demographic in Washington will go a long way to finally get rid of these horrific business models that we were forced to accept for years and now forced to support them.
            In this midst of this chaos, are the poor racehorses who suffer and die every damn day.

  4. I was surprised to see PETA as one of your supportive organizations, since in the past PETA has not only been mute regarding the abuse of the racetracks but has spokespersons who actually voiced support for racing, even though I believe it was PETA itself that made that behind-the-scenes video.
    I still have no respect for PETA-they have a horrible track record (pardon the pun) of documented abuse themselves, and their emotional shock therapy tactic of sneaking graphic up-close photos of animals being tortured in laboratories into innocuous envelopes with no warning of the contents has given me literal nightmares.

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