A Kill at Los Alamitos, Another at Golden Gate

Two more dead athletes to report from California: Yesterday, Big Future was felled while training at Los Alamitos. He was two years old and being prepped for his debut. The day before, Tap Union succumbed to colic at Golden Gate. He was just three.

Killing every day – this is horseracing.


  1. Big congrats to the CHRB for allowing themselves to admit another Los Al horse kill. Now, if we could only get the esteemed Board to stop hiding all their OTHER training casualties, they might be on their way to partial transparency.
    Lucky for them, on the federal level, those high-integrity HISA officials are equally committed to helping them keep all their horse-killing secrets.

  2. If anyone has any empathy for the horses in this egregious-cruelty-to-horses gambling and racketeering operation, stand up and be a voice for the horses and not because you are pretending to care. Horseracing is rife with ABUSE to horses and cheating, doping and manipulating the outcome of the order of finish in the races. Horseracing is a cesspool of cruelty to horses and race-fixing and racketeering. No person who has any scruples can continue to look the other way when horses are being willfully exploited for ego trips and financial gain of any kind including tax write-offs.

  3. Hey, bo derek ….I hope that image of Bo Derek the horse stays seared into your memory forever. That was the most sickening,take your breath away,disgusting,revolting reality of 💯 ANIMAL abuse.Some things can NEVER be unseen. And, now your beloved Ca. is not missing a beat with keeping up with the killings. Aren’t we as a country better than this? That baby filly’s eyes were closed shut as she was face planting …like she knew what was coming. Disturbing beyond comprehension. But, I’m sure you tvg losers will still keep being the corny hucksters you are. Show must go on and all …🙄😒 be damned the twisted bodies carnage. And, the other horses behind her trampled on her dying body. Please, someone with a heart and love of horses make it stop. There is NO more defending this. Thank you.

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