“Reluctant to Load,” Raced Anyway, “Pulled Up in Distress,” “Vanned Off”

The opening line from an article in Horse Racing Nation Thursday: “The latest Equibase report on economic indicators in Thoroughbred racing shows declines in wagering on U.S. races last year and gains in U.S. purses.”

wagering down, purses up

In a press release, the National Thoroughbred Racing Association’s Tom Rooney explains: “Purses were up double digits year-over-year and reached an all-time high thanks in part to contributions from other gaming sources.” “In part,” Mr. Rooney? Try mostly. And to remind, those “contributions from other gaming sources” are subsidies, gifts – taxpayer bailouts. Full stop.

On another note, this from the chart for the 4th at Tampa Bay Friday [emphases mine]: “Ma Coco was reluctant to load…raced at the back of the pack…pulled up in distress in midstretch and was vanned off.” No word yet on her status.


  1. Just watched the replay. Almost at the finish…bobbling and looked like front legs were broken. Outriders raced over immediately. No hope here. Another sad casualty of this lousy form of “sport”.

  2. Horse racing is animal cruelty. Wouldn’t you know it that the trade publication and the spokesperson for the National Thoroughbred Racing Association would be talking about the money and the economics of their horse-abusing, horse-doping, horse-killing industry and not about the daily routine cruelty to the horses?
    The abuse to the horses is a built-in feature of this egregiously CRUEL horse-killing shit-show so why should Tom Rooney bother to mention the routine torture to the horses locked up in stalls for 23 hours a day…? Horses should not be confined to stalls longer than ten hours a day. It’s absolutely unhealthy for the horses to be locked up in stalls for 23 hours a day. This is only part of this egregiously CRUEL ABUSE to the horses exploited for racing and wagering. I hope that some progress is made this calendar year in the legislative branch of government to address the CRUELTY to horses in horseracing.

  3. We must continue to fight against the abuses and cruelty in horseracing by ending this horrible sport!

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