Baby Bo Derek Killed at Gulfstream Today

Bo Derek, the horse, was killed (below) in the 8th at Gulfstream this afternoon. She was two years old. How proud her pro-racing eponym must be. How sad her exploiters surely are (Bo was purchased for $900K as a “yearling”).

The cowardly Ms. Derek deleted a pair of tweets she’d written about Bo. But we grabbed them before…


  1. She was second most of race. An eyewitness reporting it was horrendous. I found the video race 8 and they blocked the accident only showing the end result. The way it sounds may be more casualties.

  2. No talent self proclaimed animal activist‘bo derek’ ya think this will cause her to quit promoting horse killing? Not a chance.#hollywood fraud …she will continue promoting.

  3. Oh my God, I just now looked at her face planting in picture …I am shaken to my core 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  4. The connections of this 2 yr old baby girl should put the insurance policy they collect into a horse aftercare and horse rescue. Do NoT let the connections pocket the money.

    • Do NOT let these connections use their blood money insurance policy payout to buy another victim,or just pocket the money for their own use.

  5. Hey todd pletcher ….you remember Rock Fall? Another super high priced Speightstown,who broke down under your care.

  6. Two years old, just a baby, KILLED before she’d even lived…..But never mind, her so-called heartless, money-grabbing, profiteering ‘owners’ will just collect the insurance and move on to their next VICTIM.

  7. Carnage of babies (not true 3yr olds) has probably gotten worse,people think the Hard Spun colt will be dead after finishing last in california. These are such kind to animals people. #noneducatedevilscum 🤮 These scumbags are FRAUDS. They do NOT care for animals.

  8. Oh, look. Another horse dies on the field of play, and everyone in racing acts shocked, like it’s not a constant event. This is so typical.
    Typical of the death tracks.
    Typical of the racing press.
    Typical of the so-called fans.
    And — as is especially relevant, post-Damar Hamlin’s on-field collapse — typical of the jockeys. (Didn’t the devastated Bills and Bengals players realize they should’ve just carried on with the all-important GAME in the aftermath of the trauma they’d just experienced? That’s what jockeys do, so as not to “upset” a bunch of grizzled, soulless degenerates.)

    • Kelly. There may be another one at Santa Anita short while ago.
      Race with 6 entrants 4 of them with Baffert trainees.

  9. You useless bunch of so called horse people – what the hell is a 2 year old baby doing at any god damn race track. Shame on all of you ignorant f*ckers – you don’t deserve to walk this earth – OMG this is so incredibly sad and horrible.

  10. This is definitely not “slipping in the mud” but rather the everyday reality of horseracing that must be punishable by law and banned. This deliberate cruelty to horses must be completely terminated from all government subsidies and government-directed benefits.


  11. bo derek not only scrubbed her twitter account … she scrubbed her namesake horse from horseracingnation,so no comments could be shown …or made. Let me ask everyone …would todd pletcher be a multi millionaire if he had to WORK at a REAL job? NO. todd has what he has from the animal abuse of horses. Shame on you todd,and your family for accepting blood money from horses. This whole evil is AMORAL

  12. please end horse racing where the horses die on the tracks. they are racing 2 year old baby horses who die from the strain. please end horse racing.

  13. Brand new turf course installed at Gulfstream Park. Racing on turf for the first time in almost a year, and this happens. Sad, and deplorable. A 900K yearling with a namesake Bo Derek. Beautiful, and stunning actress. Multiple years ago, GP had the Breeders Cup. Those two days saw three breakdowns. GP will never have the BP again. A world class racetrack with the best horse racing during the early months of the year. Why does this happen so frequently? Sincerest condolences to Siena Farm, Luis Saez, and Bo Derek.

    • A young, underdeveloped filly was ruthlessly forced to endure the torture of being exploited as a gambling object and an EQUINE slave to win purse money for the owners and the trainer and the jockey and the other people who may have a connection to this filly. You are not thinking of the willful ABUSE that her connections inflicted on her by offering condolences to the people who are involved and responsible for this filly’s life-threatening and life-ending INJURIES due to the routine cruelty of forcing immature, underdeveloped (colts and) fillies to run at a full gallop almost daily at one-third of the age of maturity in horses. The age of maturity in horses is SIX YEARS OLD in case you missed that.

  14. Rock Fall, a high priced Speightstown colt died under todd pletcher …amazingly, he also snapped off BOTH front legs,same as Bo Derek filly, ALSO a Speightstown offspring. Both babies were under Todd’s training style. Rock Fall snapped off both his front legs in 2015.

  15. Terrible. I worked as a groom at Hollywood Park in the 1980’s. Have owned horses, many off the track TB’s most of my life. I always hated them running 2 yr olds. They are TOO YOUNG for that stress! Why do they do it? Money. Get them out there racing asap. Awful. And yes, horses at the track, same as many show horses, are kept in a stall WAY too much. They lose their minds…put them out in a pasture during the day and let them just be a horse. The racing industry needs to change the way they do things!

    • Thank you, Elizabeth. But it’s important to remember that three-, four-, and even five-year-olds are also not fully mature. And that, more than anything else, is why American racehorses die at the rate of over 2,000 per year.

    • There are a lot of ways that it’s detrimental or not healthy for a horse to be locked up in a stall 23 hours a day/seven days a week, which is the so-called “normal” way horses are kept at training tracks and racetracks. In addition to their emotional well-being, it’s also detrimental to their physical well-being to be confined to a small space. In horseracing, Animal Welfare is not the primary objective. This is the reality of horseracing. Horseracing needs to be banned for several different reasons.

  16. If she was a 2 year old, she should Not have been racing in the first place! Their legs are still too young to take all the pounding from a race!

  17. How very sad it was as I watched that race and saw the split second moment it happened as Bo Derek , which I had a bet on, suddenly nosed over towards the track and GONE! That was all as I said out loud “Damn”.
    The announcers and commentators said nothing except there was a Stewards inquiry!
    All I could wonder was if the jockey or jockeys were alright and of course the horse or horses. And since they never mentioned any of that you could only wonder. I was watching on DRF app so I wasn’t trackside.
    What a God Damn shame! I love horse racing and admire the courageous Jockeys and Amazing Thoroughbreds!

    • Dear Ace Bogart, at some point, you have to understand that every horse exploited for racing and the wagering handle is subject to so much abuse and brutality that it becomes impossible to admire any human being who actively engages in this abuse and brutality against horses. All of the connections of every exploited horse leave a lot to be desired according to Animal Welfare rules, laws, common sense. Jockeys who whip and shock horses with electrical buzzers are not courageous.

  18. If I was lucky enough to own a horse, I would never allow it to participate in horseracing. Horseracing must be ended for good!

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