The Horrific Final Few Minutes of Anytimeallthetime’s Life

As previously reported, 5-year-old Anytimeallthetime took a horrific fall at Turfway Nov 30. The chart was, as usual in Kentucky, less than forthright (“went wrong, vanned off”), so we had to wait for confirmation. It has arrived. From the Racing Commission: “Anytimeallthetime suffered a catastrophic injury and fell leaving the 1/4 pole. The vets went to the fallen horse, who appeared to be unresponsive on the racetrack. It was reported that the horse was agonal and it was thought to be caused by the manner in which he fell. The horse was humanely euthanized.”

The Commission went on to note that the “jockey suffered a fractured collarbone in the spill.” Here is that “spill,” again…


  1. All of these breakdowns break your heart but this one is one of the many you can’t unsee. How in the name of heaven can anyone see this and have this travesty continue??

  2. shut down racing. not one penny of taxpayer dollars should ever be used for this horse abuse

  3. I’m sorry to say this but its a pity that the jockey weren’t the one who died, perhaps that would make the ‘racing industry’ wake up and see how utterly vile and depraved it really is.

    • One would hope so, but jockeys have been killed in the past. It obviously didn’t stop the whole industry. One case was a teenager who was the youngest of a father, son and grandson team. Can you imagine putting your children’s and/or grandchildren’s lives at HIGH-RISK of being killed on a racetrack?

  4. “It was reported that the horse was agonal [in agony] and it was thought to be caused by the manner in which he fell. The horse was humanely euthanized.”
    This kind of stupid s*** makes me want to beat the crap out of these people. Just sayin’…
    Instead of being remotely honest about the INJURIES, the life-threatening and life-ending INJURIES, THAT THEY CAUSED, they come up with this phony, stupid, stupid, lame ****! There are no excuses for these morally depraved horse-abusing, horse-doping horse-killers!!!!!

  5. Agonal does not refer to the horse being ‘in agony’, it refers to changes in respiration just prior to or after death.

    The horse clearly sustained a catastrophic, non-recoverable neck injury as seen by the stiffening of the limbs and the flaccidity in the tail, classic signs of a fracture and disturbance to the neck and spinal cord. Euthanasia will still administered even in the case of fatal neck or back injuries.

    If you ever have a pet euthanised and they gasp afterwards, that is still referred to as agonal breathing. As most vets agree, it’s a terrible term that makes pet owners think their pet is experiencing distress, hence why they normally just explain your pet may gasp or sigh after euthanasia rather than use the correct terminology.

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