An “Overzealous” Whipper

The following horses were “scratched” from races at Cal Expo over just two days (Dec 16, 18). Yes, their “connections” had every intention of racing them, but were thwarted by the track vet.

Johnny Ringo – “injured”
Instant Wynn – “injured”
Down It – “injured”
Rockin With Lou – “injured”
Lumber Baron – “injured”

In addition, there was this from the stewards: “Driver Emilio Cisneros was also in to see the stewards regarding his whipping while driving #4 California Rock on Dec 11. He admitted that he was overzealous with his actions and accepted the $100 fine.”

“Overzealous” whipping of an animal, $100 fine – this is horseracing.

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  1. “Overzealous whipping” – like when a murderer is “overzealous” when they stab their victim a couple dozen times.

  2. The fine of $100 (One-Hundred Dollars) for whipping a horse excessively or overzealously does appear woefully inadequate to protect horses from being abused. The amount of the fine ($100) for the INHUMANE TREATMENT of a HORSE exploited for racing and wagering and entertainment, a racehorse, is somewhat in the ballpark of a fine for failing (or refusing) to wear your seatbelt when driving your motor vehicle in some states. For some people, that is maybe “no biggie” but could get the attention of others with fewer resources or whatever (regarding the failure to wear a seatbelt in a motor vehicle).
    As long as the CHRB has the “discretionary powers” to rule as they see fit, they’re not going to make it impossible for an animal abuser to come back and participate in the “Cruelty to Horses” another time or many more times.
    At the California Horse Racing Board, Animal Cruelty is their business.
    “This is a business.”
    “It’s a business.”

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