“Whipped [His] Horse After It Refused the Starting Gate”

The CHRB has disclosed the death (colic) of Party Town Friday at Santa Anita. The 5-year-old had been raced 11 times, and had a timed workout just six days before dying.

In other news, the Ohio Racing Commission says that trainer/driver Keith Kash Jr. whipped his horse, Warrawee Whynot, “after it refused the starting gate” at Northfield December 13. (Ultimately, the horse was “scratched.”) Their ruling: “Mr. Kash is hereby fined $500 [but] the penalty will be reduced to $300 if not appealed.” On December 14 (yes, the next day), Kash ran Warrawee at that same track: “DNF.”

This is horseracing.


  1. Sadly, the harness horses experience is typical of the bull ring county racing we have in our state. Thoroughbred horses entered in back to back races within a 1 or 2 day period. That fine was NOTHING.

  2. This abuse and killing of horses is definitely ANIMAL CRUELTY and should be punished in a way that people know that they were punished. This is a very bad business!!!!!
    Horseracing is ANIMAL CRUELTY. These fines and the fact that the perpetrators of the abuse can go right back to doing what they were doing before they were caught in the act, usually without missing a beat for the most part, shows that this hideous cruelty to horses in horse racing cannot be fixed! It’s too corrupt to be reformed!

  3. Fines for whipping racehorses never have been and never will be a deterrent and that’s why horseracing is comfortable in issuing fines – appearing to be taking action as a public relations exercise when it’s purely an act of deceit.
    There are a raft of reasons as to why Warrawee did not finish when raced the very next day after being brutally whipped for his refusal to race the previous day. Such refusal was likely due to a health issue physiologically and/or psychologically. No doubt this horse’s spirit has been broken like the vast majority of horses in the racing industry.
    Ohio Racing Commission has a duty of care to Warrawee given the events which took place in its jurisdiction and on its racetrack on 13 and 14 December 2022 in relation to this horse.
    It is an act of animal cruelty to strike an animal with a whip.

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