“Jumped a Fence, Fell, Died From Injuries”

An update and a couple of notes…

More details on the “accident” that killed 2-year-old Sugar Girl at Los Al Saturday: According to the CHRB’s Mike Marten, Sugar, who was to be raced in the 4th, “broke away from her handlers, jumped a fence, fell, and then died from injuries.” Note that he did not say “euthanized” – just died. That poor girl.

In the 4th at Parx yesterday, says the chart, the gate for Misbehaving Lady “did not open with the rest of the field” – so, she hit it. Raced anyway, she unsurprisingly “did not factor” and was eventually “declared a non-starter due to the malfunction.”

And finally, in the 2nd at Turf yesterday, Steal Home “reared at the start and did not participate thereafter.” Yes, “did not participate.” Priceless.

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