Collision, Dead Horse at Aqueduct

The chart for the 3rd at Aqueduct yesterday said this: “Miami Chrome checked sharply behind an injured foe at the 9/16, clipped heels while swerving out then fell…. Ninth Hour suffered a significant injury near the 9/16 then had a foe clip his heels and was pulled up then vanned off.” I can confirm that at least one – Ninth Hour – is dead, euthanized for that “significant injury.” (I’d show it but the replay – of course – was expunged from the NYRA website. Cowards, and killers.)


  1. Sweeping the reality under the rug of the obvious danger to the horses forced to be racehorses would be expectable by the people who project the BLATANT FALSEHOOD that New York racetracks are the safest racetracks. Who is gullible enough to believe this blatant lie that NY racetracks are safe???

  2. This morning, a friend of mine who lives in Brooklyn, New York relayed to me how upset she was about the public education system.
    Apparently, she has to subscribe to a “public lottery” system to get her grandson into a public school in the area.
    There are not enough spots for everybody, directly due to lack of funding, so those who do not win the “public lottery” is SOL and will have to find a place to educate.
    There will be thousands of families affected by this.
    I educated her about the subsidies going to horse racing and she was outraged, but everybody should be.
    Why in the hell do they continue to give a dying for-profit business hundreds of millions of dollars in subsidies while denying children in New York state a public education?
    Politicians should be ashamed of themselves for not ending the subsidies to horse racing and for choosing a business that kills racehorses over a child’s education.

  3. Another day, and another horrific death at Racetrack — it’s bad enough Horses suffer from Day#1, their last days are far worse — SHUT DOWN Horseracing FOREVER

  4. For an industry that constantly brags that they have nothing to hide, they sure do an awful lot of hiding.
    Of course, if I was blatantly exploiting, abusing, and killing horses left, right, and center, I’d probably be a bit twitchy about what videos were floating around, too.
    If only the animal right activists nut jobs would mind their own damn business and stop making such a fuss over every little bloody nose, broken leg, and ruptured spine. Then there’s the unnecessary hype over an exsanguination or three, and let’s not mention those few (thousand) horses sent to slaughter every year. At least the racing industry is completely self sufficient while it mutilates sentient beings…….oh, wait……..

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