2-Year-Old Suffers “Catastrophic” Death at Churchill

As previously reported, Must Be the Money was “vanned off” after the 8th at Churchill November 26. Here’s an update from the stewards: “It was determined that the colt had suffered a catastrophic injury to his right foreleg and he was humanely euthanized.” Dead, at two.

This is horseracing.

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  1. It is despicable and disgusting to exploit a young, underdeveloped colt for racing as though he was a full grown horse.
    This is horseracing and this is diabolical abuse of horses.

    • They say “humanely” euthanized, but there is nothing humane about the way they used and abused him for racing and wagering handle while he was alive. These people put these horses through hell on Earth.
      The laws need to be changed to address this outright cruelty to horses exploited for racing.

      • I agree with Wanda Diamond. This is a horrible situation for horses as these people are very cruel and abuse the horses while they are alive. They should be punished by law for animal cruelty.

  2. I supposed the industry should be given kudos for euthanizing this colt immediately rather than dumping him back in his stall to suffer for days or weeks, or shoving pins and plates in his leg for the chance of throwing him back on the track for one more measly purse.

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