Jockey’s Defense for Over-Whipping: “Trainer Asked Her to Educate the Horse”

A few notes from the Stewards Minutes for Del Mar’s opening weekend…

Nov 11: “We posted the inquiry sign to review the start of the 1st race involving the #6 Infinite Empire, who stumbled leaving the starting gate. In a unanimous opinion we felt the #6 caused her own issues when she stumbled, therefore no change.” Yes, the 3-year-old enslaved animal “caused her own issues.”

Nov 12: “We posted the inquiry sign after the 9th race to review the start of the #10 Azure Star, who broke very slow. When reviewing the video, the #10 was fractious in the starting gate and as the assistant starter was wrangling with the horse, the starter dispatched the field causing the #10 to be left behind.”

Nov 13: “Jockey Tyler Baze [was] in to review yesterday’s 8th race for an incident at the 1/4 pole…. Mr. Baze stated that all the horses in front of him were bouncing off each other which caused him not to be able to determine where to go.”

And best for last…

Nov 13: “[Jockey] Bravo stayed to represent Jockey Emily Ellingwood, who was called in to review her ride in yesterday’s 6th race in which she kept using her crop after she had reached her maximum placing. Mr. Bravo stated that Ms. Ellingwood told him that she was trying hard for the trainer to drum up business and the trainer asked her to educate the horse.” Ellingwood’s “penalty”: one-day suspension, $250 fine.

By the way, the horse – 2-year-old Beskar – finished 9th, 18+ lengths back, with the chartwriter noting that he, too, was “fractious” before the race.

This is horseracing.

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  1. Yes, beating the s*** out of a horse is the absolute best way to “educate” him on anything. Everyone knows that when a horse is afraid and in pain he is more open to understanding that no matter how fast he runs, it will never be good enough for the predator on his back.
    Sound like the POS jockey could use some of her own “education”.

  2. the \dirty dirty business of horse racings with drugs and animal abuse with horses dying at slaughter all over america. it needs shut down

  3. The “trainer” and the “jockey” need to be “educated” with a cruel “whipping” every time they claim dominance over another living being. A cruel, heartless whipping might be the only way this “jockey” and “trainer” will ever become conscious of the fact that a horse is a living, feeling, thinking being on the planet we were all born on. Nothing short of a killing whipping might make them wake up to a kinder, more enlightened level of “humanity”.

  4. I am so sickened and disgusted by this vile display of abuse of horses. There is absolutely nothing that these people can say that justifies any of this horrendous CRUELTY to horses.
    I wish they could be punished with the same type of punishment that was in the news some years ago when a young “man” (American citizen) went to China and damaged automobiles by scratching the paint on the cars with a nail. The punishment was several lashes across his back with a cane. His parents thought that was terrible. They raised a spoiled brat. All of these people deserve to be punished in a way that they don’t have to wonder what their punishment was…!!!

  5. Once again, the sorry sack-of-s**t has her excuses ready for whipping the innocent horse over and over. Perhaps someone/any-one ought to ‘whip’ her just so she knows exactly how much it hurts. Oh but I forgot, they ‘love’ their horses, just like family….perhaps that’s how they ‘train’ their bratty kids (a good whipping)

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