Cardiovascular Death for Baby Horse at Golden Gate

According to the CHRB, a 2-year-old horse died – “cardiovascular” – at Golden Gate Monday. To be clear, this was a baby, in fact so young he (or she) didn’t even have a name yet. And his (her) heart gave out. Defend that.

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  1. Most people won’t even know about this NOT-YET-NAMED baby Thoroughbred brutally exploited for racing and wagering handle. It seems even more callous in some way to not even bother to name a young, underdeveloped colt or filly before taking him or her to the killing fields they call a racetrack.

    • Naming an animal implies a personal connection – I don’t know why the racing industry doesn’t just identify their horses by their lip tattoo numbers.

      • I thought of how they just identify some horses without names such as a broodmare in a Quarter Horse pedigree referred to as “Waggoner mare” and this shows up on the allbreedspedigree website in some of the pedigrees.
        Baby #xxxxxxxxxxxx could be another impersonal way to identify this colt or filly that didn’t have a fighting chance against the monsters in this industry.

  2. Every time I hear of something like this, I immediately think drugs. If anyone claims to oppose drug testing on animals should also oppose horseracing.

  3. HORSE RACING — 2-yo Horse DEAD — Depravedly cruel — obscene — heartbreaking — WHO ALLOWS such brutality — “ “… this was a BABY, in fact so young he (or she) didn’t even have a name yet — And his (her) heart gave out — Defend that”

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