Cyclone Slew Confirmed Dead at Golden Gate

Cyclone Slew, a “vanned off” in the 1st at Golden Gate Friday, has been confirmed dead (CHRB). Cyclone was four, and this was her 13th time under the whip. Her “connections” – primarily Roger and Shirley Hansen – also had her “For Sale” at the bargain-bin price of $4,000 the day she died. Love ’em like family.

This is horseracing.

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  1. very sad what is happening in the Competition world of horses. Racing is just one of the Many disicplines. Its not only the actual racing and competitions that are cruel Its the amount of animals shipped to slaughter if they dont make the cut. Irresponsible breeding and no Sanctuary programs for horses after they are ‘; BROKEN”

  2. Slaughter is the “hidden” component in the world of the horse business.
    Nobody takes responsibility for the horse, from breeders, owners (users would be more accurate!) or the money and ego driven horse centered entertainment business’.
    Once the horse is no longer considered an asset the “disposal” system comes into play.
    Thousands upon thousands of deliberately bred sentient beings are crammed into the slaughter bound trucks year after year in anonymity. Many have obvious signs of previous abuse but no questions are asked.
    Nobody is accountable for these atrocities not even for the pregnant mare and the mare with a foal at her side.
    Instead, there is money to be made from such moral degeneration and enabling.
    This will continue because society tolerates it…
    What if slaughter were no longer available? Some part of the money potential scenario, from the overbreeding to the slaughter pipeline has to be interrupted for any change to occur.

  3. Horseracing is horse-killing. This is a reality that I hope more and more people (especially those who were not born into this so-called sport) will become aware of and join the protests against this horrendous CRUELTY and brutality against horses.


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