Biondi Confirmed Killed at Aqueduct

In the 1st at Aqueduct last Sunday, Biondi was an “eased, protective hold, pulled up, vanned off.” We now know (Gaming Commission) that he is dead, euthanized for whatever injury he suffered. Biondi was three, and this was his seventh race.

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  1. Isn’t it typical for the abusers, dopers and killers of racehorses to cause harm and death to horses and at the same time use phrases that include the words “protective hold” to attempt to cover up for their own evil misdeeds and wrongdoings?!!!

    • I think NYRA’s chartwriter is something of a comedian — a bad one.
      So many many phrases like “expertly” (jock’s a genius at pulling up a broken-down baby animal?) and “subsequently” (were we confused by the timing of the van-off/on-track euth? Like, maybe it occurred BEFORE said baby animal was running?)
      Maybe s/he’s got a minimum word count to meet. Because this “protective hold” BS did nothing to save poor Biondi, did it?

      • Right, Kelly. It definitely adds insult to injury, or in the case of horseracing, injuries. It is also conveniently misleading! It’s just part of the lie that horseracing is safe and that the people who engage in this horse-killing barbarism are “horsemen” or “horsewomen” as if they know what that truly means. They truly don’t care about the “price” that the horse must pay.
        The total load of bullshit driven by this industry is appalling.

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