2-Year-Old at Los Al: “Flipped, Seizures, Extensive Hemorrhaging in Skull,” Dead

Through a FOIA request to the California Horse Racing Board, I have obtained the following details on some of that state’s kills this year.

Speedcuber, May 7, Santa Anita R (euthanized May 9)
“Broke down in race: [multiple] complete fractures, [multiple] severe ruptures, massive hemorrhage.” Also: “cartilage loss, history of multiple intra-articular injections, history of bilateral fetlock surgery.” With these injuries, Speedcuber was made to suffer for two days before being euthanized. She was four years old.

Barraza, May 14, Santa Anita T
“Catastrophic breakdown: [multiple] open fractures, [multiple] ligaments and tendons ruptured.” Also: “severe biaxial osteochondral disease.” Barraza was four years old.

Untuckit, Jun 15, Los Alamitos S
“Four-year-old found dead in stall – cause undetermined.” Again, four years old.

Little Princess, Aug 16, Los Alamitos S
“Flipped, seizures, extensive hemorrhaging in skull, euthanized.” Also: “chronic ulcers.” Little Princess was just two years old.


  1. please help save racehorses. look at the way they die in the most painful of ways

    • He would be in so much pain with a pelvic fracture and not able to walk. Stall rest is just another way of saying “a prison cell for horses” more than anything. They’d have to keep him in a sling or some sort of contraption to keep him from putting weight on his hind legs and further injury. It doesn’t seem logical that he could heal correctly being a horse. There is nothing normal for a horse to be forced into the existence of being a racehorse; he had injuries from 2021 and had a very long lay off. He should never have been raced again.
      I would expect that they are contemplating how they are going to break the news to the public and make it look like their poop smells like freshly baked cinnamon rolls. Of course, we know better, and other activist groups know better, than to believe that what they did to DOMESTIC SPENDING was okay, because there is nothing okay about cruelty to horses.

    • According to his trainer Chad Brown, Domestic Spending is stable and more comfortable.
      Didn’t know he was ever comfortable…?

      • There it is… There’s that fragrant aroma of “freshly baked cinnamon rolls” coming from Chad Brown. Ha!

      • Going to their local farm with a pampered life reports Mr. Brown. Anyone betting the farm on that info??

        • It’s just too bad that Chad Brown doesn’t have a busted pelvis so he could be “comfortable” too.

  2. Such painful deaths of babies. Humans’ drive for money and entertainment is so ruinous, as these details prove. This “sport” is just so unconscionably shameful, utterly unnecessary, and is nothing but destructive.

  3. Chad Brown is a liar, multiple violator, mangler and racehorse killer.
    He’s also a wage theft employer, to the tune of millions, who ripped off about 300 grooms, exercise riders and anybody who worked their ass-off in his racing stable.
    His multimillionaire owners, most of them, knew damn well that he wasn’t paying staff, but that was just fine by them as they went to sales auctions spending millions buying up racehorses knowing that his stable help didn’t even have money to put food on their table after working 80 hour work weeks.
    It’s all on public record and many of these pro-horse racing individuals have the mentality that not paying staff is fine because most all are repeat offenders.
    Horse racing has been operating with virtual impunity for years including labor laws, OSHA laws, accident compensation laws, and, of course, animal cruelty laws.
    This is all while getting hundreds of millions in subsidies (Kentucky does not receive subsidies) with no questions asked and no caveats attached to their never ending cash flow all supported by casinos that are supposed to benefit education and/or local communities.
    DOMESTIC SPENDING is living a horrific life, probably immobilized in a sling to hold his entire body up and under guard at Rood & Riddle.
    Shipped out to a farm, far away from the roaring crowds and prying eyes of the public, is a deliberate ploy, it seems, to eventually euthanize him because they won’t have to disclose anything once he’s on private property.
    They are monsters to keep a horse suffering like this and the equine vets & clinic are complicit in making him suffer.
    If this was not a high profile incident and if he were in the claiming ranks he would have been euthanized right on the track with such a horrific injury.
    This is yet another ploy by horse racing to state that “no horse died during the BC.”
    Their never ending ploy to hide the sad truth behind horse racing is growing old and the general public is not accepting it anymore thanks to sites like these who expose the facts, the damning Kill Lists, that racehorses are dying every day all over America.

    • It’s sickening that the veterinarians did not scratch DOMESTIC SPENDING from the Breeders’ Cup race knowing that he had a long layoff from a previous racing injury. It’s sickening that the Racing Secretary took the money for the entry fee. It’s sickening that the owners and the trainer engaged in this deliberate cruelty and causing of harm to a horse. The horse doesn’t deserve this abuse and torture.

    • Gina,for all we know he will end up at the rendering factory and none will be the wiser. The horse I mean, not CB.

      • Is there anyone or any group in Kentucky that can be the boots on the ground to check to see if this horse, DOMESTIC SPENDING, is kept alive or if he’s killed?

  4. I agree with Wanda Diamond that the horses do not deserve this abuse and torture. that is why horseracing must end as soon as possible!

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