On Breeders’ Cup Day, Here’s Just One: “It was apparent he was expiring and died very quickly.”

Among other things, the Montpelier Hunt Races (steeplechase) in Virginia offers:

“Jack Russell Terrier Races”!

“Stick Horse Races for children 2-11”!

“Tailgate Contest – Great prizes and lots of fun!”

“Hat Contest – Always a big hit, judged on elegance, or best race theme, even a group prize!”

But, the organizers remind, “Excessive drinking and offensive language are not tolerated.”

That’s right, no excessive drinking or offensive language. Animal cruelty and animal killing? No problem!

Yesterday, 7-year-old Song for Someone “won” the 7th race at Montpelier, but then, the chart notes, he was “vanned off.” In truth, he never made it off the track alive. This from National Steeplechase Association safety chairman Dr. Reynolds Cowles: “I was on him quickly and we started cooling him, but within 30 seconds it was apparent he was expiring and died very quickly.”

I’m out of words.


  1. Within 30 seconds after the vet “was on him quickly” and started cooling him, the horse died very quickly. What public relations stunts will do to deny and deflect the fact that these stupid people killed this horse, SONG FOR SOMEONE, and there is nothing elegant about it.

  2. SONG FOR SOMEONE yet another victim of female trainer Leslie F Young who is quickly catching up to racehorse abuser and killer Keri Brion, but not quite there yet.
    Her Twitter account @LeslieYoung had to repeatedly block such comments as “racehorse killer,” but that’s what she is facilitated by an industry that will reward her for this.
    On her Twitter page the following (my words in brackets): “Dear Song For Someone you’re all heart. (yes he had more heart than any of you exploiters who show us time and time again that you have a piece of your heart and brains missing) You gave us your all (sure did including his life), and we could not be more grateful (grateful for the $358,159 that you earned for us not for you because we will run you into the ground if there’s one more cent to be made) Thank you for everything (the money that is so I can go out and buy a new dress at Saks), and to all the connections (all pro-horse racing entities) who brought you here. Rest easy now champ.”(thank goodness we didn’t have to pay the vet bills if you survived such a horrific breakdown and then we would have to pay for your upkeep – thanks so much for dying) from the owner evidently.
    These people are lower than the single cells on an amoeba.

    • Thank you, Gina. These are truly vomit-worthy words from the connections of a horse that would be alive if he had not been abused to death by these same morally depraved connections. 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

    • Sadly, you have must have never known the relationship that humans have with horses. These horses (and I attended this race and had 2 horses run, are treated extremely well). In fact any horse person will tell you the horses needs come before their own. I would encourage you to visit a training barn and witness for yourself the level of care each horse enjoys. Then perhaps you will realize the connections of this horse suffered a devastating loss that day.

      • Connie Smith, if only you could or would read, you would know that Gina Powell has forgotten more about being on the backside of a racetrack than you will ever know. She was born into horseracing and unlike many people in horseracing, she does have empathy for the horses! Gina knows what goes on at the racetracks from first-hand experience.
        If the people you are referring to had empathy for the horses, they wouldn’t subject the horses to this kind of abuse, brutality and cruelty in the first place. It’s a no-brainer that horses get injured and killed when being subjected to the unreasonable and extreme demands of racing. It’s very similar to pushing “someone you love” off of a cliff and then expecting sympathy because the “someone you love” was injured and died from their INJURIES. Stop the stupidity and the cruelty!

      • The only loss the “connections” of Song for Someone SUFFERED when he died was the loss of what they could get from him. You, Connie Smith, don’t have the guts to acknowledge you know NOTHING about what enriches an equine’s life (or worse yet, you do know but selfishly deny your racing slaves that life). If we had a nickel for every time we heard that tired, old “you need to visit the backside and see how well racehorses are treated” we could rescue even more crippled and used-up racehorses than we do already.

        Many of us here HAVE been on the backside…and for years – Gina included. We’ve seen what that “care” is – isolation, confinement, boredom, asinine ways of feeding – but hey, hang a Jolly Ball and hand feed a few carrots and they’re royally-treated kings and queens, right? Can you folks be anymore stupid?

  3. Sounds like yet another case of a chartwriter who just DIDN’T FEEL LIKE recording an accurate account of the fatal event. (Why state facts in the official record, when you can — and should! — obfuscate and distort them to make your killing game seem somehow less inhumane?)
    Equibase should force them to revise the chart like they did for the on-track killing of poor Sounion at Mahoning. But I’m pretty sure they won’t.

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