On Second Thought, Yes, the Horse Is Dead

Initially, when the chart for the 4th at Mahoning Wednesday was posted, Sounion was said to have “taken a bad step,” and been “pulled up.” And that was it. The chart has since been amended, confirming what I was told in an email from someone who was there – the 5-year-old is dead, euthanized right on the track.

This is horseracing.

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  1. Poor sweet gorgeous horse.
    Another victim of an “industry” continuing unsoundness in their “athletes”.

  2. This has to stop. Your raceing babies. There bones arent even developed yet. Your ruining these beautiful young horse and whipping them to run. I wouldn’t watch it anymore. Its cruelty

  3. What a clever chartwriter they have at Mahoning! When the big, beautiful grey breaks down in a FIVE-horse race and is immediately killed, just pretend your attention is focused entirely on the four remaining runners: “Bad step, pulled up. That’s all I know. The End.”
    Makes for a far more pleasant accounting, doesn’t it?

    • Since the horse is a gambling object, what else does anyone need to know as far as the die-hard killers of racehorses are concerned? Since they don’t care about the horse as a sentient being, why should anyone else care about the horse as a sentient being? Don’t even think about the horse as having any feelings or needing to be treated with respect or kindness. An object is an object, so get over it and move on to the next race. Isn’t that what racing is all about? Empathy is not in their vocabulary.

  4. I am very sad every time I read how expendable the poor, precious horses are in the sport of horseracing. The racing of horses must end!

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