More from California: “Horse collapsed, fell awkwardly, head bent back under body – sudden death.”

Through a FOIA request to the California Horse Racing Board, I have obtained the following details on some of that state’s kills this year.

Royally Command, Apr 17, Santa Anita R
“Catastrophic breakdown: open, comminuted fracture; severe, complete ruptures.” Also: “osteochondral disease, both forelimbs; severe gastric ulceration.” Royally Command was four years old.

Pray for My Owner, May 13, Santa Anita R
“Horse collapsed during race near finish line, fell awkwardly, head bent back under body – sudden death.” Pray for My Owner was four years old.

Proof of Love, Jun 25, Cal Expo T
“Catastrophic breakdown: [multiple] fractures, [multiple] ligament/tendon tears, severe hemorrhages.” Also: “osteochondral disease.” Proof of Love was three years old.

Megameister, Jul 23, Sacramento R
“Suffered a catastrophic injury: [multiple] comminuted [six pieces, three pieces] fractures, ligament rupture, severe hemorrhages.” Megameister was five years old.


  1. Another heartbreaking list of voiceless victims.
    Will somebody from California please inform us as to what is going on out there?
    For example, are these deaths being covered by media out in California?
    Also, it’s imperative to ensure that horse racing doesn’t get one dime in subsidies.
    Are there educational posts to people in California so that they don’t vote for horse racing subsidies?
    If California horse racing gets millions in subsidies it will be an unmitigated disaster and horror show for racehorses, but isn’t it already?
    I know that people must think how much worse can it get?
    I asked myself that when they approved the subsidies in other states like New York, but we all know by now that they subsidies exacerbates an already deadly situation for racehorses.

    • Agree Gina, its REALLY terrible for the horses. A failing business should Fail.
      Especially those Already Abusing animals.
      Subsidies prolong their eventual closure.

    • I share your bewilderment, Gina, at what is going on in a state that is usually regarded as very progressive. Is anybody in California writing or talking about this?

  2. Belinda Stronach doesn’t like horses according to the statement written about her on the internet. That is not hard to believe at all considering the fact that she profits from the deliberate cruelty and causing of harm, injuries and death to horses that are exploited for racing and wagering.
    Her picture in the racing magazine online still nauseates me. She is a monster.

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