Diablo D Oro Confirmed Killed at Delaware

According to the chartwriter in the 4th at Delaware Park Saturday, Diablo D Oro “fell approaching the 1/4 pole and was vanned off.” What he/she conveniently neglected to relay is that the only thing the ambulance was carrying was a lifeless body. This from the Racing Commission: “horse broke down; horse was euthanized on the track.” Diablo was four years old, and this was his 23rd time under the whip.


  1. This young, underdeveloped colt/gelding was used and abused by the breeder (Vision Equine Partners), the auction house of Keeneland, the auction house of Ocala, the various owners and trainers along the way and the racetracks that facilitated the cruel indifference to the daily routine cruelty to horses exploited for racing and wagering.
    DIABLO D ORO, a Kentucky-bred, was born on May 2, 2018 and in November of 2018 was run through the auction at Keeneland for a Reserve of $22,000 Not Attained. Again, he was run through an auction, this time at Ocala and was sold for $7,000 in July of 2020. He was a gambling chip for the racetracks and either a liability or an asset for the people who exploited him. I’d say that he turned out to be more of a liability than an asset for the hands on abusers. Now he’s dead, because what else do you do with a gambling object that outlived his “usefulness” to animal abusers?

    • This is so sad! I agree with you that they considered this horse a liability and no longer useful. But if I were the owner of this horse, I would provide a nice place for him to live in retirement. He deserved to be loved and treated as a member of the family. Horses are not meant to be treated so cruelly and should not be considered to be expendable.

      • Jan,
        If you were the owner, you would not have subjected DIABLO D ORO to the abuse, brutality, cruelty and torture of racing in the first place. You would have allowed him to finish growing to maturity and let him be a happy horse, not a victim of inhumane treatment for racing and wagering.

  2. Delaware’s on a real roll, lately, aren’t they? The loving connections of some poor, abused mare named Charlotte Webley missed out on a big payday when she was vet-scratched today; turns out she’d already been raced TWICE over the course of the last 15 DAYS. Her race last week was a “win” for her loving owners, so of course they were eager to put her life at risk again today.
    Then again, their name is Slaughterrock Racing Stable (Really, I’m not even kidding), so they couldn’t have been too concerned about the danger to her well-being.

    • Or Ghost Maiden, who was pulled up today and vanned off, which must have been a huge disappointment for the connections that were trying to dump her in a claiming race, as her claim was voided because of this.

      • Yeah, I was gonna commend the “Safety” Team at Delaware Park and Butchery for clearly doing the right thing and making sure that Slaughterrock couldn’t slaughter poor Charlotte Webley today.
        But then again, they also missed scratching poor Ghost Maiden, so…
        I only award them half a star today:(

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