A Kill at Mountaineer – But All in All, Not Such a Bad Night for the Exploiter

The 5th at Mountaineer last night: “Companys Coming took a bad step mid stretch [and was] euthanized on the track.” It would appear, however, that this was no great loss for Companys’ exploiter, Laura Estey, as she had the mare “For Sale” at a bargain-bin price ($4,000) immediately prior to the race. What’s more, Estey doubly benefited on the way out: Because her horse was euthanized on the track, Mountaineer, and not Estey, had to pay for it; and because she crossed the wire – with, mind you, a break of some sort – Companys secured a $110 payout for Estey. Vile people. Vile industry.


  1. I bet you 100% that she’s only thinking about the money when she wakes up this morning not poor COMPANYS COMING.
    I also bet that people in the stable will congratulate her this morning on the money she made and how she was so smart to get rid of a “rat.”
    That’s the culture in horse racing and this part is not seen by the public.
    This poor 5 y.o. mare earned $101,431 the hard way.
    She grinded it out and was pounded into the ground by all of her parasite claimers.
    She often barely made it through a race and struggled for most to earn a flake of hay delivered to her in her jail cell.
    She was destined to die in one way or another because these morally deprived, heartless parasites will squeeze the last breath and drop of blood of them if they can earn a buck.
    Again, Mountaineer only exists because of the millions that casinos are forced to hand out to them.
    Our elected politicians endorse and rubber stamp this deal every year making the choice to support racehorse killers over our communities.

  2. Just watched the full.replay.Horse #5 at the finish lagged behind the rest of the pack on all fours. He should have been eased or pulled up long before making it to the finish. Pathetic and sad. And need we mention the track was slop. So if the poor horse collapsed or was euthanized on the track, he laid in the mud waiting for the removal.

  3. Nothing says “love” like “Congratulations! You just got rid of a rat!” does it? (Sarcasm)

  4. Oh but you’ve all forgotten that these racing parasites all LOVE their horses like family members…all I can say is GOD HELP THEIR FAMILY MEMBERS. Knowing how heartless and money-grabbing these racing parasites re, they’ve probably got all their family members insured too, just in case!!!

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