Another Horrific Fall, This One at Penn National

The 3rd race at Penn last night…

The fallen, 6-year-old Dr Zrada, is likely dead (calls to the racing office were not fruitful; I will place a FOIA).


  1. This is the 4th or 5th horrific fall in the last week of racing, one of which made the paulick report, the second because it was a Santa Anita wreck, because, of course, there’s concern over the jockeys well being. What of the other “athletes” that this industry is always going on about?? How come we just hear crickets?

  2. This is another tragic ending for human pleasure. I don’t care about the jockeys, they choose to be there, the horses don’t. Stop horse racing.

  3. The racing insiders know these kinds of things happen and they do it anyway. I can only try to imagine what the horse felt but I can’t honestly know how much that hurt and how much mud went up his nostrils.
    I condemn the choices and the actions of the people who are involved in this egregious cruelty to horses day after day.

  4. The track conditions are horrid, but they still send their voiceless victims out to flip a buck.
    Not heavy rain, frigid cold or excessive heat temperatures enters the equation because they are nothing more than disposable gambling chips to this business and its a disgusting shame.
    DR ZRADA is, most likely, dead because this was a “snap-the-leg-off” scenario and it’s so disturbing to see a living being go nose down in the sloppy mud because of this morally depraved business and the people in it.
    Again, the entire Pennsylvania horse racing scene is financially supported by hundreds of millions of dollars in casino subsidies that was supposed to be going to education.
    The last thing I read on this situation was that Gov. Wolf in conjunction with Educators Voters Group were diverting $110 million into scholarships which should happen.
    When a racehorse like DR ZRADA goes down in the dirt and when thousands of racehorses become permanently crippled or die in the dirt the PA tracks and people supporting this business go “crickets,” you don’t hear a thing about that or their steady supply of racehorses to kill auctions.
    Yet, the minute these parasites have a possibility of getting their handouts taken away they come out full force with their jobs, jobs, jobs mantra and it’s abundantly clear that replacing these hell holes for racehorses and surrounding communities with other businesses will support more jobs, decent jobs, than horse racing ever has or will.

    • Hello Gina Powell,

      I read a post you made regarding the poor treatment of a Standardbred named,Killian Cut Kid. I wanted to give you some good news regarding Killian. My wife, Katharine just adopted this horse from a rescue. We live in Pennsylvania and you well be happy to know that Killian is enjoying just being a horse. Nothing is expected of him. No intention of riding him. He will enjoy hanging out in our pastures with a couple of other horses once his quarantine is over. Just had a complete vet check and vaccinations. Farrier and equine dentist were just here too….. he is in great shape.

        • A wonderful, generous, loving, and selfless act of kindness, Joe Prebula.
          My kudos to you and your wife for being such compassionate and decent human beings.


  5. Another face plant in the slop. What’s it going to take for “humans” to wake up and see this crap for what it really is?? Please WAKE UP

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