“Nose Got Stuck in the Starting Gate”

Today I highlight three horses from my recent FOIA for Sunland Park in New Mexico:

In the 2nd Feb 5, 2-year-old Cf Sassy Chic finished last of 10. After unsaddling, the Commission says, Cf was deemed “lame” and placed on the “Vet’s List.” The following month, in the 4th on Mar 13, Cf once again came in last of 10. She has not been heard from since. It should also be noted that in her only other race, Jan 16, Cf finished, you guessed it, last of 10. Her exploiters: Luis Reyes Franco and Aurelio Valdez.

Prior to the 3rd Mar 13, 3-year-old Ultima Diva’s nose got stuck in the starting gate. The bars, the Commission relays, had to be bent to get the nose “unstuck.” Imagine this poor girl’s terror and pain. (Ultima survived and her servitude continues.)

Prior to the 2nd Apr 1, Madam Palindrome “flipped in the paddock, was wedged in the corner” and suffered “head trauma.” Since she didn’t die, it was right back at it. Two races since: 9th of 10, 8th of 9. She is but two years old.


  1. these vile owners never give up trying to kill them in he horse racng site. they use this as a killing site imo

  2. I’m willing to bet any amount of money that Ultima wasn’t even checked out by a vet after her face was freed. One can only imagine the damage to the nerves and bones of her face.
    Makes me wonder if a shock device was used too early, causing her to lunge forward and get stuck.

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