Nine Confirmed Kills at Sunland Park

Through a FOIA request to the New Mexico Racing Commission, I have confirmed the following kills at Sunland Park thus far this year. The request, it should be noted, took months to fill – and we only got one track at that. In addition, there were no stall deaths forwarded, and only two training. Put simply, New Mexico is a disaster.

My Little Dragon, Jan 8, Sunland R – “thoracic fracture”
Caliche, Jan 11, Sunland R – “fractured cannon”
Troubleshooting, Jan 17, Sunland T – “fractured ankle”
Western Sandman, Jan 22, Sunland R – “[multiple] fractures, euthanized in ambulance”
Brandistyled, Jan 22, Sunland R – “fractured ankle”
Sara’s Memories, Jan 28, Sunland R – “fractured carpus”
Anguz Fire, Feb 4, Sunland R – “fractured fetlock”
Jazzy Heat, Feb 12, Sunland R – “[multiple] fractures”
Lady of Faith, Feb 20, Sunland T – “open, complete, comminuted fracture”


  1. I wasn’t sure how many racetracks there are in New Mexico. One source says there are five tracks and also says that it’s against New Mexico state law for residents of New Mexico to bet on horse races in New Mexico but they can bet on horse races in the neighboring states of Texas, California and any other state.
    Ruidoso Downs being the most popular racetrack for the American Quarter Horse and their “world famous” All-American Quarter Horse Futurity for Two-year-old Quarter Horses, you would think they would have a person to answer the “call” for the Freedom Of Information Act requests…?

  2. as you can see there is an attempt here to hide how many horses are dying in the most brutal way in nm. can you see that better information is released heree. many in this entire country are very upset over the horrible ways horses are dying in great great numbers on racetracks and for the racetrck industry in their 23 hour stalls that are awful for horses.. this is horse abuse

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