In Memoriam…

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  1. These horses deserve to be remembered. They did not deserve to die for the cheap thrills and egos of the abusers, dopers and killers that terminated their lives about roughly 25 to 35 years too soon! It’s absolutely sickening that any person could do this to young, underdeveloped colts and fillies and defend this indefensible and wanton destruction of EQUINE lives!

  2. I wonder how many of these horses will also be shown in Barbara Livingston’s year end memorial video. Every year she puts it out, and every year thousands of people express sorrow over the famous horses we’ve lost that year, many to racing accidents, and yet they are all ok with an industry that continues to kill the horses so horrifically year after year. How cruel they are.

  3. The totally unnecessary loss of these beautiful young horses to such “institutionalized”/subsidized (!!) CRUELTY ………… is simply agonizing to me, you know.

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