Lillie and Nan Falls, Dead at Mountaineer

The 2nd at Mountaineer last night: “Lillie and Nan fell near the 5/16 pole…euthanized on the track.” She was four years old, and this was her eighth time under the whip. She was also “For Sale” (cheap: $4,000) the day she died.

Here is how it looked…


  1. Prior to this race – this poor filly was bred and owned by Dream Walkin Farms. She was an inconsistent underachiever on the dumpy Louisiana tracks – so it appears that Dream Walkin Farms dumped her to continue her living hell at Mountaineer.
    The owner of Dream Walkin Farms is none other than country singer Toby Keith. Obviously – he does NOT love them like family.

    • So unbelievably sad. These less talented horses suffer most of all, just passed around to squeeze every last dime out of them before they are killed. It’s disgraceful. Shame on Toby Keith.

  2. The racetracks, ownership, management and the racing Stewards, Commissioners know that this kind of thing happens frequently, but it doesn’t stop them from facilitating this carnage. It is not right to continue this unacceptable cruelty to horses at any level or at any geographic location for any reason or excuse!!!!!

  3. LILLIE AND NAN was a consistent non-performer (except for 1 race) and that’s not only in her races, but in her workouts.
    Her workouts are at a snail pace so obviously evident that something was seriously wrong with this poor filly and she was struggling through every one.
    Back in May 2020 we found a bunch of racehorses in a Texas Kill Pen who had large distinct brands on their shoulders that were all traced back to Toby Keith.
    When he was contacted and confronted with this dire situation he claimed that he sold all of them to “good homes” about 4 years ago washing his hands of any responsibility.
    HOLLYWOOD KNOCKOUT made him over $200,000 and it’s not like he doesn’t have the money, but refused to send any or a van to get them out of harms way.
    He wanted his name left out of this seizure citing it’s the fault of the other owner and this is very typical of horse racing people.
    I just want to send a “Get Well” message to Toby Keith who is struggling with stomach cancer because he certainly didn’t ask for such a horrible fate like his racehorses who ended up at the kill auction.

    • Fate and Karma always intervene don’t they. Sometimes not in time but for the most part.

    • Either they end up breaking down like lillie and nan or taken to slaughter for not performing. Either way is death sentence

      • It seems like a scam at how some of the kill lots try to sell horses for a higher price than they would have paid for the horses while threatening to ship them to a slaughterhouse “this weekend” or some such time frame. (Rescue this horse now before he/she ships…) The equine in question sometimes appears to be one that might not make the trip alive and they would “lose” money to pay for scraping the horse’s remains off of the bottom of the truck/trailer floor.

    • Of course Toby Keith did not want his name associated with the horses in the kill pen and of course he denied any responsibility. And of course he SOLD all of them to “good homes”. Even if that were true, the fact he did not lift a finger to help says all one needs to know about this “celebrity”. His concern was for Toby’s “good name”, period!
      He is struggling with a health issue and evidently wants to live as do all creatures.
      He sure did not show much concern for the horses destined for horrific deaths. His focus was about keeping his name out of it – callous and egocentric.
      We all have to face death sooner or later but while we live we need to do what we can for our fellow creatures.

      • Yes, creatures do need advocates and rescuers, especially for those who have no voice in the realm of possible justice and legal protections, which definitely includes horses!

  4. The people who attend this track (and so many other abatatoirs) must love watching horses suffer horribly and die on the track. What is WRONG with humanity? And why do we even refer to people as humanity. That word suggests a certain decency and civility. On the track, examples of those words cannot be found. What is it going to take to stop this carnage? Creating a lottery for bettors to participate in the carnage should be mandatory. When their horse shatters a leg or shoulder, a number is picked and they MUST assist in the killing on the track before they can collect one dime at the betting window. Ya think maybe that might help? They just make me so insanely angry!

  5. why arent you sending this report to every race horse commission in america. put them ont eh list to get these reports.

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