Last Week…

Chart notes from U.S. Thoroughbred and Quarterhorse races last week.

Slow Down Brody “pulled up in distress, vanned off” at Belterra
Classified Info “returned bleeding from the nostrils” at Parx
Grecian Admiral “pulled up lame…euthanized on the track” at Charles Town
Just Humming “vanned off” at Horseshoe
Holy Justice “vanned off” at Horseshoe
Martini’nmoonshine “went wrong, vanned off” at Keeneland
Osbin “vanned off” at Presque Isle
Spinster Road “vanned off” at Thistledown
Jimtown “vanned off” at Thistledown
Azaria “pulled herself up in distress, euthanized on track” at Aqueduct
Once a Giant “vanned off” at Aqueduct
Pretty Persuasive “vanned off” at Aqueduct
Carloun “fell, DNF” at Far Hills
Moscato “fell, DNF” at Far Hills
Parish Delight “vanned off” at Far Hills
Sha Girl “vanned off” at Keeneland
Brookstone K “vanned off” at Zia
Southern Breeze “vanned off” at Gulfstream
Set for It “bled” at Los Alamitos
Ei 701 “vanned off” at Will Rogers
Bh Four Whites “vanned off” at Zia

While not all the “vanned off” end up dead, most do, as borne out by our subsequent reporting. “Bled,” “Returned Bleeding From Nostrils”: pulmonary hemorrhage.


  1. they are being drugged that brings on some of this. they dont test for all drugs do they and some of the drugs vanish in 20 minutes. the jockeys dould have a needle in their clothes to inject at start of race. this is so terrible to see this endless slaughter

  2. ‘pulled up lame’
    You do not euthanase a horse because he has pulled up lame.
    ‘pulled herself up in distress’
    You do not euthanase a horse because she stopped racing and was distressed.

  3. This is what happens when a business is handed hundreds of $millions in public subsidies and/or taxpayers money with no neutral or minimal financial and animal welfare oversight, no caveats, no mandatory aftercare contributions, no overhaul of a system set-up to facilitate widespread abuse and dying.
    They get their money anyways no matter how many racehorses they mangle and kill, in fact, the more money equates to total disregard of the health and welfare of the racehorses.
    Brace yourself folks, because the Mangle and/or Kill Lists will just keep on coming until our elected politicians do their job and END the subsidies.
    Incidentally, horse racing claims that they support jobs, but they never disclose that the majority of stable workers are on foreign visas and they refuse to release those numbers.
    So local and state residents are contributing millions to a business that requires foreign help instead of helping out their local communities.

  4. I really, really liked this ‘sport’, and here we are, with the Breeder’s Cup Races right around the corner! So, naturally, I was tempted to download the Daily Racing Form for both days, make a sizable deposit in my online wagering account, and enjoy two days of the finest thoroughbed racing in the world, betting on million dollar horses all competing for millions of dollars in purses!

    Just one problem.

    I’m a very logical man, and [well, at least I thought I was] a very good handicapper. But with the fixed races, drugging, doping, and ongoing slaughter getting worse by the day, I logically overcame my temptation and chose NOT to throw my money away on a rigged contest.

    No, I will not bet the Breeders Cup Races. Never again.

    Many years back, I only bet on the bigger races, thinking, foolishly, that they were ‘just too big to fix’, and that there’s not enough money to pay a jockey to ‘throw a race’ when the purses and the betting handle are both in the millions!

    Wrong, wrong, and wrong.

    These characters will stop at nothing to win, and if there are any other bettors reading this site, yes, you may get lucky and win a big race at a big payoff now and then. But in the long run, and I know, because I’ve tried for years AND I’ve kept meticulous records, you will inevitably LOSE, and the more you bet the MORE YOU WILL LOSE.

    You cannot win consistently by betting the races, for the simple reason that you don’t have all the information needed to make a logical decision on the outcome of any contest! The trainers, owner, vets and track officials are deliberately hiding the ugly side of this business beacuse they know full well you’d all walk away if you knew the real truth – that you were being cheated on a regular basis!

    Don’t go for a ‘fun’ afternoon, either. Watching beautiful animals fall and get euthanized is not fun. And I predict it will happen even more as the insiders discover more ways to cheat.

    Be smart. Walk away from this losing, rigged game.

    I now get all the ‘action’ I need from the casinos, they give me free meals, ‘comps’ and, surprise! Even money to bet with! Further, you can bet a million dollars – or more – at any casino in the world, with a wide variety and a plethora of many different games to wager on, and not one animal will ever get hurt.

    Think about it.


    • Mental illness is not something that any person can just make up their mind that they are not going to have, or not going to do because of the illness one has, but as long as people still have some control over their choices and decisions, your method will work. I frankly don’t know to what extent mental illness in human beings plays a part in the majority of gamblers, but there are trained and licensed psychiatrists and psychologists that offer counseling for people who have addictions to various things.
      Horseracing is horse killing. Please don’t gamble on a horse’s life.

  5. I should point out here that the majority of people who gamble either at the racetrack or the casino are not all mentally ill, just like the majority of those people who decide to drink alcoholic beverages are not all raging, out-of-control drunks.

    Unquestionably, both alcohol, drug and gambling addictions are a disease, but you’d be dead wrong to assume that every single person who enjoys gambling is just a sad, hopeless, degenerate reprobate.

    Certainly everyone here on this website know people from all walks of life who will enjoy a drink with dinner, or who moderately enjoy a few drinks with friends at a night club, or event. Conversely, there is that guy [or girl] who MUST get totally wasted, pie-eyed drunk, every night, every time, only to start up again the very next day.

    Same principle applies to gamblers.

    Not all people who use alcoholic beverages are suffering from acloholism; likewise, not all folks who like to go to the casino or race track are degenerate $2 gamblers, desperately scrounging about like bowery bums just hoping to get their next ‘fix’ – or bet.

    Yes, some are. But not all.

    In fact, they’re not even in the majority, just like the majority of folks who drink are not alcoholics.

    The diseased gambler, like the diseased alcoholic, cannot stop their habit unless he (or she) gets professional help. They do not have control over thier addictions. But don’t make the mistake of pigeon-holing the average gambler who gambles recreationally and in moderation, with the guy [or girl] who loses very last dime they’ve ever earned by out-of-control wagering.

    The moderate gambler – like the moderate drinker – can stop at any time.

    • When people have compulsive behaviors meaning they know better, they know they should stop something but they can’t stop, they continue to do it anyway because they have a compulsive behavior that won’t let them stop even when they know better, that’s when they need professional help. Since we seem to live in a world full of crooks, anyone seeking professional help needs to be careful. Some counseling clinics do “upbilling” where they do fraudulent billing by saying they did something that they didn’t do, but say they did in order to get more money (fraudulently) from the healthcare insurance whatever it may be, especially through the state.

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