Last Week…

Chart notes from U.S. Thoroughbred and Quarterhorse races last week.

Gold Label “vanned off” at Arapahoe
Thisqueenisroyal “vanned off” at Horseshoe
Got Mojo “vanned off” at Arapahoe
My Man Georgio “vanned off” at Penn
Muzzle Tough “bled from [both] nostrils” at Delaware
English Lad “bled” at Delaware
River of No Return “fell heavily to the ground, euthanized” at Aqueduct
Sergeant Wild Bill “broke down, euthanized on track” at Delaware
Jrs Heza Lucky Tee “vanned off” at Evangeline
Papi Bello “vanned off” at Presque Isle
Tamanrassett “pulled up bleeding from nostrils, vanned off” at Thistledown
Xy Speed “vanned off” at Aqueduct
White Squall “vanned off” at Delta
Mail Call “bled” at Laurel
Rives “vanned off” at Delaware
Machenbank “vanned off” at Middleburg
Twenty Years On “vanned off” at Middleburg
Moudari “vanned off” at Hawthorne
Rock Candy Blue “bled, vanned off” at Horseshoe
El Rey Cash “vanned off” at Lone Star
Arctic Tears “vanned off” at Hawthorne

While not all the “vanned off” end up dead, most do, as borne out by our subsequent reporting. “Bled,” “Returned Bleeding From Nostrils”: pulmonary hemorrhage.


  1. Yet another horrifying mangling and/or killing list.
    KERI BRION at it again only this time her victim is MACHENBANK (GER) “vanned-off” and it looks like he was mangled most likely dead under a tarp now.
    Middleburg at Glenwood Park was the scene of this horrendous racehorse abuse and on their website they state this: “A Sporting Tradition” that is “synonymous with blooming of the daffodils and dogwoods.”
    Make me vomit, but they forgot to mention that those daffodils and dogwoods get splattered with blood every time one of their victims get mangled and killed, but according to them this is the “quintessential event that carries on their “tradition.”
    “Sport and tradition” their “go to” words that cloaks the horrendous racehorse abuse and murder all supported by taxpayers money and/or casino profits thanks to the elected politicians who continue to financially support it.

    • I wonder why they bother to hide their victims behind a screen, as if anyone there even cares that an innocent animal is suffering and dying.

      • Jesus. If only they would go bit less. No more breakdowns. Why doesn’t the state enforce California Penal cod #597? Torture clause.

    • What? Are you serious or joking sarcastically? There is so much more to the ABUSE (that leads to the deaths) of racehorses that causes fatal injuries than the use of bits, cavessons and tongue ties. Smh😣

      • The bit breaks the mouth seal during running causing suffocating and lung bleeding. Horses are nose breathers. Ultimately heart attack. Science, not opinion.

        • Yes, that’s true, but that’s not the only thing that’s wrong with horse racing!

    • Christine Vivian Peniaranda: Have you not known about the wrongs of starting colts and fillies under saddle and rider as Yearlings? Have you not heard of racehorses suffering from injuries to bones and joints?

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