“Sudden Death” for Pubescent at Santa Anita

The CHRB reports that No Ice Cream, a mere pubescent (three years old), suffered a “sudden death” while training at Santa Anita yesterday. He is the 11th (disclosed) death there this year. But fret not, folks, they have this killing thing under control.

This is horseracing.

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  1. That’s a relief. Imagine if equine deaths at the race track were allowed to run rampant.

  2. Yes, well under control. While ‘ we’all know the sick truth(s) about horse racing.
    Even if it WAS .. Its still horrible Abuse of innocent, sentient animals to Confine them in ridiculously small stalls( cells) for up to 23 hours a day. Why, other than stress / abuse would 3 year olds have ULCERS!??
    What else should we expect from an industry built on gambling, lies ,cheating
    Et cet…

  3. Yeah, they seem to have it down to a science how to kill horses and call it sudden death. 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  4. NO ICE CREAM – how about NO HORSE RACING?
    As long as Ms. Belinda Stronach is at the helm, of California horse racing, she will continue to facilitate racehorse kills, that her Daddy started, and she has not disappointed anybody with that agenda so far.
    Got to hand it to her though, she is hell bent on “safety reforms,” to reduce the deaths, but in the end racehorses are still dying despite any reforms and they will continue to die.
    You’ve never heard her say “I will end this business if the reforms don’t work and racehorses continue to die,” because she inherited about 20 wagering companies that net her millions.
    Sure the majority of gamblers are senior men, but there are just as many women, like owners and breeders, who provide a steady supply of racehorses for greying men placing those $2 bets.
    That makes women just as culpable as men when it comes to the exploitation and killing of racehorses on a massive scale.
    Yesterday, I spoke to a key person at the Zia Casino in New Mexico (who declined to be identified), but explicitly stated that NM residents and most casino personnel DO NOT want to financially support horse racing.
    In fact, most residents want it the hell out of their state, but it’s the elected politicians (both men and women) often standing in the way of ending this ridiculous business deal that should have ended a long time ago.
    So just as both men and women ensure that this killing business exists it’s going to take both men and women to end it.

    • A person would have to be a fool, an absolute fool, to believe anything about safety reforms when said by those who profit from this endless everyday killing of horses.

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