A Kill at Aqueduct This Afternoon

Aqueduct, this afternoon: “River of No Return chased three then two wide, suffered a catastrophic injury near the 7/16 and fell heavily to the ground, was attended to by veterinarian and was subsequently euthanized on track.” He was four years old.

This is horseracing.


  1. RIVER OF NO RETURN yet another victim of serial racehorse killer and repeat wage theft offender George Weaver.
    This is yet another state-subsidized kill.
    Every single damn day.

  2. I’m sure this was one of those stomach-turning, horror show, on-track breakdowns that nobody within racing wants the public to see. It’s also one that nobody — including officials with NYRA, NYSGC, and, especially, the ridiculously-titled HISA — could have prevented. In fact, these gut-wrenching kills are only INCREASING in their frequency of occurrence and severity/straight-up hideousness.
    But don’t ask the dinosaurs still promoting animal racing about this or any other “incident” in their non-stop carnage extravaganza; they won’t answer you.
    (Too busy trying to Grow the Game — or, at the very least, stop it from bleeding out.)

  3. Under Results on Equibase, RIVER OF NO RETURN was raced October 6, 2022 at the Belmont At The Big A. It is really creepy that they would say “Belmont At The Big A” instead of Aqueduct!!!! That is creeping me out that they want to focus on Belmont that much.
    It seems to me that I read in the past that the NYRA has plans to do away with Aqueduct at some point and do the construction and development, for a lack of a better choice of words at the moment, and after the demand for $450-Million for this development project and saying that they could not go forward without it (the state backed bonds), and it was denied to them by the New York State legislators, the NYRA moved forward with their plans anyway.
    To the best of my knowledge, there has not been any newsflash articles in the Racing press about how they can move forward with their construction and development plans without the $450-Million in New York State-backed bonds as if they were not phased by the denial of their demand/s.

  4. I’ve been requesting HRW, PETA and/or any of the other groups, who are fighting the subsidies, to please update us as to what the hell is going on with these state-backed bonds that was previously refused?
    Anyways, the title “Belmont at the Big A.” was just to encompass the Belmont meet at the Aqueduct track while the renovations get under way – that’s all there is to that.
    You can bet your sweet ass that the NYRA will be banging on the door of elected politicians demanding that they get reimbursed for these upgrades unless they’ve already cut a backroom deal with some politicians with no public input?
    With the racehorse population dwindling and the purse money at sky rocket highs racehorses will continue to bear the brunt of all of this along with taxpayers, human labor, and those of us who rescue the broken bodies and spirits of the racehorses they dump.
    Widespread abuse, inhumane treatment, permanent crippling, dumping and dying is only going to get worse although I admit that it’s hard to quantify “worse” because it’s as bad as it gets right now.

  5. I would hardly call being held down to have a needle shoved into his neck “attended to”.

  6. Again, another day of HORROR — on the dime of our Government — taxpayers’ monies! — SHUT DOWN this vile industry — keep urging Legislators to STOP supporting cruel and hateful Psychos.

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