Death at Golden Gate; Sadness for Buyers at Delaware

The CHRB reports that Johneedwnthestreet died at Golden Gate Saturday – “neurological,” they’re calling it. The 3-year-old had been raced eight times, most recently September 9 at this same track.

At Delaware Park Friday, Mr Fantasy “broke down past the finish” (for those who may be new to the site, “broke down” almost always means dead). The reason this was noteworthy and made the Stewards Report is that the 4-year-old was “claimed” – bought, that is – immediately prior to the race, and purchasing trainer Kevin Patterson “checked the box saying he wanted the horse no matter if unsound or put on the Vets List.” Pity for Mr. Patterson and the owners he represents.

This is horseracing.


  1. Okay, how is “Johneedwnthestreet” pronounced? I don’t know how you pronounce it. Is it pronounced “Johnny down the street”? That’s the most logical thing I can come up with. For a horse to be named a name like this is just disgusting to me. It is so superficial and is in line with the moral depravity of the people who are willfully choosing to be involved in the process of causing harm to the horses.
    This hideous ABUSE of horses must be shut down! This routine cruelty and causing death to horses is creepy, to say the least, all day, everyday, seven days a week, 52 weeks a year.
    This gambling racket must be stopped.
    Willfully abusing and killing horses for dollars (and calling it entertainment) is vile.

    Mr Fantasy was exploited to the last possible moment that he could be exploited. He would have been killed in basically the same way being exploited by a different trainer.
    As horrible and unacceptable as this ABUSE, BRUTALITY and CRUELTY is, it’s just as well that he died when he did (as much as I hate to say that because it is NOT OKAY to ABUSE horses anyway and certainly not okay to ABUSE horses to death).
    The claiming trainer was obviously okay with the horse being injured and suffering in some way, shape or form and was set to continue the ABUSE of the already injured horse.
    This trainer, as all claiming trainers are in this industry, was okay with his part in operating this vile meat grinder of horse killing. This is part of the game, a vile, morally depraved gambling racket that puts horses out there…

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