Last Week…

Chart notes from U.S. Thoroughbred and QuarterHorse races last week.

“Vanned Off”
Princess Lenny at Belterra
Irish Contessa at Prairie
Actualize at Aqueduct
Mr Fantasy at Delaware
Code Name Lise at Gulfstream
Hodgepodge Hocks at Lone Star
Legacy Slew at Remington
Pd El Rayo at Albuquerque
Entrepenewer at Albuquerque
Cairo King at Albuquerque
Manifest Destiny at Aqueduct
Justlyrewarded at Gulfstream
Suspect at Hawthorne
Teddy’s Barino at Santa Anita (also bled)
Kona Coast at Sweetwater

While not all the horses who need an ambulance to get off the track are euthanized, most are, as borne out by our FOIA reports and Killed Lists.

Other “Incidents” (“Bled,” “Returned Bleeding From Nostrils”: pulmonary hemorrhage)
Golazo “fell, DNF” at Foxfield
Fiddlyn “pulled up, DNF” at Foxfield
Fits the Jill “fell, DNF” at Foxfield
Beat Le Bon “fell, DNF” at Foxfield


  1. Utterly VILE and so is Belinda Stronach buying a 16 million dollar mansion in Beverly Hills, CA most derived from the blood, bones, and lives of thousands of racehorses.
    Not one cent for mandatory aftercare contribution on any of her tracks.
    If this isn’t telling I don’t know what is, but the Kill Lists are the racehorse’s voices.

  2. Busy killing horses at Aquaduct , Albuquerque and Foxfield.
    Never heard of Foxfield, shut it down!!! All of THEM.
    Worthless greedy scum.

  3. The names given to the horses by these repeat offenders/serial horse-killers are so reflective of how much/little they care/don’t care about the horses.


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