Valuable Colt Killed at Aqueduct; Owner Grieves

At first blush, the result for Rocket’s Red Glare (below) in the 2nd at Aqueduct yesterday was a “good” one – 2nd place, $19K for his people. But then this: “took a bad step in the gallop out, suffered a catastrophic injury, euthanasia on track.”

Including yesterday, Rocket “earned” over $46,000 for his people (Linda Rice et al.) – over just three career races. He was also a colt, meaning there was money to be made on the back end. So, do you think these facts fairly explain the following lament from one of his owners (Zilla Racing)?


  1. Sooooo evil you humans are!!!!! This beautiful horse, like all of them, did not deserve this…

  2. So, if he was a few years older and they had made over $460,000 off of him (as opposed to over $46,000) from him being raced to death (later as opposed to sooner), maybe it would not be so “friggen” hard for them to lose their beloved meal ticket and tax write-off…?

  3. Linda Rice is a serial racehorse killer.
    She has a portfolio of racehorses under her “bloodstock agency.”
    She’s supposed to be suspended for serious corruption violations that she was found guilty of and has attorneys appealing and appealing true to industry form.
    This claiming parasite Queen claims older racehorses who have more than earned their retirement then puts their earnings under her bloodstock business then many die.
    If they make it out of her barn alive some are claimed for another round of abuse.
    If there is anybody who needs to be investigated by outside legal entities it’s her and her bloodstock
    This is one example of what New York residents are paying for – hundreds of millions going to racehorse abusers and killers.
    So sorry for ROCKET’S RED GLARE yet another victim of this vile business and femme fatale.

    • Corruption personified: Linda Rice, NYRA, and the rest of them involved in this industry of exploiting horses. That may include certain people in government and certain organizations such as the Comptroller and Chief Financial Officers for starters.

  4. Of course you didn’t have Rocket’s Red Glare long enough, long enough to make you more money, that is!
    And yes, Afleet Alex (whoever you are), it is “friggin hard” lo lose a consistent moneymaker!
    RRG had his life taken from him before he even reached maturity and about 1/8 of his life expectancy. That’s what is “friggin hard”.
    He is dead because his life was gambled on.

  5. TWO THIRTY FIVE (KY) just one (since it’s so extensive) of claiming parasite Queen Linda Rice’s voiceless victims.
    This does not include the hundreds of racehorses that she’s claimed, who have more than earned a safe retirement, and the many that have been permanently crippled and/or died under her custody.
    Moreover, her bloodstock company is rumored to claim racehorses with high earnings putting them under her bloodstock company for that amount and, if they die, she claims that on insurance.
    TWO THIRTY FIVE (KY). You want to talk about abuse. Look no further than this 8 y.o. gelding who has been enslaved to this industry and abusers like Linda Rice for years.
    This gelding has made $598,570. That’s just short of $600,000. He’s never had a break from horse racing while being moved from west coast to east coast to west coast back to east coast performing all the way, making money for the 8 different people who have claimed him. That’s 8 different trainers and owners including parasite King’s like Doug O’Neil, Peter Miller, Mike Maker, Jeffrey Englehart – all abusers and killers.
    This gelding has been sent out in the excessive heat and the frigid cold winters with total disregard for his well-being and no rest.
    That’s 8 years of intense confinement, never ending needles, beatings, change of diet and revolving doors.
    In one race, they blamed the horse for not performing because the rider lost his whip so he could not be beaten to perform and I’m not kidding!!
    This poor gelding has been under the whip 49 times and has just been claimed by Linda Rice for yet another round of abuse with no end in sight after he’s given this vile business millions into their wagering coffers and the people who exploited him almost $600,000!
    This is what the millions in subsidies is paying for and it’s a downright repulsive.

    • Gina, you are so correct when using the term “parasite” in reference to the hideous excuses for horsemen!!!!!
      Linda Rice is definitely, absolutely a parasite. It’s like that saying, “look it up in the dictionary and you know whose picture will be there.”
      Parasite; Linda Rice, exploiter of racehorses as chattel and committing acts of abuse in the horseracing industry, committing fraudulent transactions, appealing whatever suspensions or fines, committing horrific acts of felony animal cruelty to horses, profiteering from the horses as disposable, expendable chattel for the purpose of financial gain through defrauding the state taxpayers via government subsidies and government-directed benefits and claiming horses with high earnings for the purpose of insuring them for that high value, so that WHEN she forces them to perform in races that will OBVIOUSLY cause the complete physical breakdown of the horses’ bodies to the point of DEATH, she may file a claim for that high dollar value for HER-GREEDY-VILE-SELF; A SERIAL REPEAT OFFENDER.

  6. What a beautiful Thoroughbred! Now dead due to the cruelty and absolute lack of compassion of owners and trainers. It’s so sad that the “parasite” you speak of (I won’t even give her the respect of using her name!) cannot be thoroughly investigated and brought to justice. From just the little bit mentioned here, she sounds like one of the vilest of the vile. One day she will answer. I just wish it would be while she’s on Earth.

    • 🤮One of the vilest of the vilest of the vile enabled by a vile community of vile, despicable exploiters of horses mentioned by name only for the purpose of identification, not respect.
      End Horseracing/horse-killing, period, because it is all vile.

  7. What a crock of s**t, no doubt they’ve already moved on to their next ‘victim’ and are hoping for more five minutes of glory and prize money…

    • Linda Rice would have a stable full of “next victims” as would the owners and doing “business as usual” at a racetrack that facilitates the abuse and killing of innocent horses.

  8. It’s a shame wicked people can get away with killing these innocent horses and so called HUMAN BEINGS are let free after abusing others.

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