In What Other Sport?

If we were going by the chart, Palm Reader’s run in the 5th at Delaware Friday was decidedly uneventful: middle of the pack, “lacked a late response.” But. According to the Racing Commission, the 6-year-old mare “fell past the finish and expired on the track.” Dead. Given that such a tragedy befell one of its athletes, the track decided to cancel the rest of the day’s racing and launched a full-scale investigation. No, sorry, that didn’t happen at all. In fact, the carcass was cleared, and the festivities continued.

This is horseracing.


  1. This is not a sport, and these horses are not athletes. What sport dumps their fallen competitors in a landfill?
    This is an archaic past time kept alive by imagined ghosts of glory and the insatiable greed of humans.

  2. Almost every day — DEAD DEAD DEAD — this is all I hear — my HEART BREAKS for the Horses — this industry is beyond depravedly cruel & indifferent — we MUST SHUT it DOWN

  3. I once saw a horrible breakdown at Keeneland. As this poor dead horse was being taken

    away, the announcer informed us that it was 18 minutes to Post. The ambulance wasn’t even

    off the track.

  4. Racehorses are non-consenting, voiceless and defenseless victims of this gambling racket.

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