“Displayed Signs of Heatstroke” Among Many “Incidents” Last Week

Chart notes from U.S. Thoroughbred and QuarterHorse races last week.

“Vanned Off”
Bp Temptmenot at Horseshoe
No One Cares at Prairie
Arch’s Wild at Arapahoe
Victoria’s Dance at Belterra
Fall On the Beach at Horseshoe
Embrace the Grind at Mountaineer
Violent Gigi at Churchill (“after displaying signs of heatstroke”)
E T’s Deuces Wild at Penn
Lester’s Memory at Albuquerque
D Oro’s Gift at Albuquerque
Archiemyboy at Hawthorne
Iowa Club at Prairie
That Big Cowboy at Remington
On a Spree at Churchill (also bled)
Flying Charlie at Los Alamitos
Weasley at Los Alamitos
Missionary Work at Mountaineer

While not all the horses who need an ambulance to get off the track are euthanized, most are, as borne out by our FOIA reports and Killed Lists.

Other “Incidents” (“Bled,” “Returned Bleeding From Nostrils”: pulmonary hemorrhage)
Evrybodyluvsnorman “pulled up in distress” at Finger Lakes
Little Ms Scarlet “fell, DNF” at Penn
Pissarro’s Mandate “pulled up, DNF” at Remington
Swanage “bled” at Remington
Ludicrous Mode “fell, DNF” at Shawan
Junior Senator “fell, DNF” at Shawan
Shelly Island “fell, DNF” at Pimlico
Kaul Me Dashetta “hit rail, DNF” at Sweetwater


  1. Oh, but they love their horses and treat them like family…
    the factual evidence published by Patrick and the team at Horseracing Wrongs for many, many years flies in the face of the industry’s pathetic allegation that it loves its horses.

  2. Nobody loved EVRYBODYLUVSNORMAN “pulled up in distress” at Finger Lakes enough to save him from the daily routine abuse, brutality and cruelty of horseracing. The same goes for all horses exploited for racing and wagering. The greed for money and sadistic treatment of horses is not love.

  3. I don’t blame the exploiters because it’s expected of them to use, abuse, and perpetrate inhumane treatment on racehorses to flip a buck including killing them of course.
    It would be rather illogical to expect any apologist in this industry to actually care for the racehorses whom they dump on a regular basis after they are done crippling them.
    For me, in my humble opinion, the blame lies solely with our elected politicians who continue to support, endorse, defend and hand out billions, collectively, to the NYRA, horse racing tracks and/or in any state where the racino model is in effect.
    In the least, a massive restructuring, downsizing and eventual shut down of horse racing in the state of New York is long overdue.
    Seriously, who in the hell needs 11 tracks in 1 state and why should taxpayers and casinos be forced to financially support this multibillion dollar industry?
    Although there has been some positive initiatives by some NY politicians like Linda Rosenthal there still seems to be a total lack of transparency because recently the NYRA has decided to move forward on millions in renovations to Belmont despite the fact they were denied the state-backed bonds requested to go forward with this.
    So what in the hell is going on and who the hell is paying for it?
    In any state, where the racino model is in effect, the majority of residents (polled at about 78%) DO NOT WANT TO SUPPORT HORSE RACING so it’s the politicians that are not listening to their constituents, instead, they are answering to horse racing.
    Even in states where there are no subsidies like California and Kentucky racehorses continue to die, as the Kill Lists are proof, but the majority of people don’t accept what horse racing deems as “collateral damage.”
    So until the politicians start working on behalf of their respective state residents and constituents, instead of horse racing, thousands of voiceless victims, the racehorses, will continue to die like we see every single damn day.

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