3-Year-Old “Collapses and Dies” Training at Belmont – 52nd NYRA Kill This Year

The NYS Gaming Commission reports that No Code “collapsed and died after breezing” at Belmont Saturday. The Todd Pletcher horse was but three years old, an adolescent – “collapsed and died.” He is the 52nd kill at a New York Racing Association (NYRA) track this year; meanwhile, NYRA continues to boast of its “industry standard when it comes to safety and integrity.” You can’t make this stuff up.

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  1. Ahh, Todd Pletcher again.
    This is no surprise.
    Probably adds a bit of something to be expected on a regular basis in the so-called ‘training’ of racehorses placed in his care by owners who know the risk of their horses suffering death. But that’s not a consideration for them, obviously.
    Firstly, get the money back on their investment in the doomed living creature asap (trainers usually work it so that horse is placed in certain races so that it wins to keep owners keen). 🙂👍
    And then, grind it into the ground until the horse is no longer viable and get rid of it.
    Next horse….
    Speaks volumes, eh!

  2. If you can be twisted enough in your thinking to believe that using torture devices (a.k.a. certain bits, tongue ties, lip chains, twitches, whips and so forth) on horses for brute force control is a “safety” measure, and have the willful depravity to just think of applying pressure on a horse’s sensitive body parts where it causes pain to the horse and think of that as a “distraction” that helps the horse “focus” then it isn’t that big of a stretch to think of something (racing) that causes death to a certain percentage of horses as being “safe” or setting a “safety” standard. If you have 100 horses and kill 20 instead of 90, that must be a real “safety” standard, right???
    The moral depravities in the minds and souls of the people who are profiteering and profiting from the pain, suffering and eventual death of horses are many. It could be a dead heat as to which moral depravity is worse than another, because it is all based on greed and a profit driven mindset using sadistic measures to control horses from birth to death. Trafficking the horses around the country and sometimes the globe is the thing to be doing if you have more money than morals it appears.
    These people involved in this industry need to be locked up for their criminal activities!

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