A Kill at Parx; A Nasty Fall at Penn

The 9th at Parx yesterday: “Right in Tune flashed speed, suffered a catastrophic injury midway on the turn and was subsequently euthanized.” This was the 3-year-old’s second race; in his first, Aug 22, he was a “stopped abruptly, DNF.”

Then, in the 7th at Penn, there was the following. (For some reason, the track decided to show the fall over and over and over again. The second clip reflects that.)

There is no definitive word yet on the fallen, Little Ms Scarlet.


  1. “Hold all tickets until the results have been declared official.” Nothing to get excited about for (morally depraved) racing fans or the morally depraved track announcer seeing a horse drop face first into the racetrack and roll over from the momentum of running at high speed for a horse. It’s obvious that their priorities are about the gambling on horses and not being concerned about the fact that they are responsible for deliberately causing horses to suffer and die from exploiting them for “entertainment” and profiteering.
    Stop the government subsidies and government-directed benefits to horseracing in Pennsylvania and every state!

  2. The reason why the spill was shown multiple times (is not for the welfare of Little Ms Scarlet) was because there was a “Claim of Foul” on Positive Force by the jockey of Little Ms Scarlet.
    This affects the placing of the racehorses and, consequently, the wagering payouts.
    So in any race when this happens stewards must replay the incident of the Claim of Foul repeatedly until they all reach a majority verdict (2+of 3) to rule on the Claim of Foul.
    So to put it succinctly all racehorses must “maintain their path of travel” during the race and if a jockey permits a horse to “drift in” or “drift out,” resulting in some form of interference then they can be disqualified.
    So the stewards subsequently determined that Positive Force did not maintain its path causing Little Ms Scarlet to “clip heels” and go down.
    This resulted in a “disqualification” of Positive Force so those gamblers are SOL while other gamblers were probably happy that Little Ms Scarlet went down to increase their betting wins.
    Gambling chips – that’s all racehorses are to this industry and this concept should be blatantly obvious to anybody.

    • “…while other gamblers were probably happy that Little Ms Scarlet went down to increase their betting wins.”(!!!)
      Yep. This is truly among the top five ugliest elements of this sick game. (Horse racing is so disgustingly full of ugly elements that it gets tricky trying to pin down the actual placing order of the hideousness.) But this is definitely a biggie: HORSEPLAYERS OFTEN CELEBRATE BREAKDOWNS. It’s just a fact, and one that nobody in the industry is able to effectively hide. They sure try, though.
      The grizzled old die-hards who make up racing’s declining fan base — and who’ve witnessed literally thousands of fatal track accidents — know that dead horses are just part of the game. And, more importantly (to them), they regularly BENEFIT from breakdowns.
      $$$ Cha-ching.

      • They stillracing 12 yr old hymn sylvia and fri nite terrys charm was a distant last they keep racing him til hebreaks down now he racin for 6000 claiming he used to be good at paex few yrs back

    • That was a horrendous spill at penn poor horse rolled ovr and over looks like got stepped on lioks like they cut off seeing if she tried to get up

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