Expert: Whipping Is “Unnecessary Cruelty”

Paul McGreevy is a veterinarian and ethologist, and Professor of Animal Behaviour and Welfare at the University of New England in Australia. A few years back, Dr. McGreevy wrote the following in The Conversation:

“Given there is no evidence to show that whipping horses doesn’t hurt, I decided to find out whether having my leg struck with a racing whip, as hard as jockeys whip horses, would cause me pain and distress.

“Well, the answer is a resounding ‘yes’, and the thermographic images I took clearly show heat at the site of impact. In the image below you can see white areas of inflammation in my upper leg 30 minutes after it was struck – only once.”

McGreevy concludes: “[W]e must assume that, just as I felt pain and distress from the impact of the padded whip, similar whipping in a horse would also cause pain and distress.” Case closed, again.


  1. It really does not take an expert to know that being physically assaulted with a whip or anything resembling a whip causes pain and injury. That’s one reason that animal abusers need to be punished for their misdeeds.

  2. A horse can feel a mosquito or fly that lands softly on their skin. Of course the whip hurts! If it didn’t, they wouldn’t use them because they would be useless. Pain is the purpose. These people just simply don’t care because they do not have normal emotions.

  3. I would like to thank all those who stand up for animals. How anyone can think that whipping a horse or any other animal is painless must be stupid. ( or just don’t care) Leaving horses alone in stables for who knows how long is also not acceptable.
    We need more up to date rules regarding all animals. Whether they are pets , or working animals or poor creatures who are bred to be eaten, they should be given kind treatment.

  4. WHY???? This is so abusive and barbaric I HATE horse racing and all that participate, from the little jockeys to trainers to owners and all that go to the races. I only wish pain and death to all, devils like these in my eyes do not deserve to walk this earth. They are purr evil and No good shit holes. They all need to be whipped and drugged they made to run until they drop dead.

  5. I can not understundom why abusing and whipping horses is allowed. It should be punished.

  6. Poor horses deserve respect and a whip is nothing more than ultimate disrespect for these majestic, beautiful, sensitive animals.
    People can be do awful. Karma will catch up with you. Shameful behavior.

  7. Whipping is only one of a very long list of the wrongs done to these horses. And there isn’t one rotten thing that isn’t obvious to any decent person WITHOUT an expert’s explanation. Simple effing common sense and decency.

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