With Two New Kills (One at Saratoga), NY at 70 on the Year

Moriah Dance is dead after breaking down while training at Belmont Thursday. She was two years old and had yet to be raced. Also, Clear the Deck was injured training at Saratoga Sep 10 and subsequently euthanized at a hospital. He, too, was just two; he had been raced four times, twice during the just-concluded Saratoga meet.

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  1. A horror show and living hell for all racehorses.
    Would somebody please update as to what the hell is going on with the 450 million in state-backed bonds because the NYRA is still going ahead with their “improvements” at Belmont?
    I thought this bond was stopped according to the NY state senate and a post herein?
    Any updates?
    Can you post updates on these subsidies?
    Unfortunate and sad that they can kill as many racehorses as they do, but the millions in subsidies just keep on coming.
    No incentive and killing racehorses is not a “safety record,” but a kill record.

    • According to one article on the internet, the supposed improvements and changes by the NYRA would not go forward without the $450-Million in state-backed bonds.
      Maybe that was a big fat lie like their lie about New York racetracks setting the “standard” for being the safest racetracks while they just keep on killing horses for racing and wagering.

  2. Yeah, but isn’t it GREAT how every single other racing state hosts ZERO training deaths? I’m truly perplexed why none of them will share their Super-Safe Safety Training Secrets with New Yorkers…
    Do they enjoy watching NY horses break down every other morning or so?
    You’d think (the laughably-named) HISA might be a tad suspicious of every other racing jurisdiction’s stellar (non-)death rate, no?

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