Our Vigil at Saratoga Race Course

This past Saturday, HW organized a vigil to remember the 207 horses killed at Saratoga Race Course since 2009…

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  1. We need to show pictures of falls,necropsy,bits,abuses,etc. How anyone who viewed the disgrace of Goneghost and the commentary from the race caller which is despicable. And in addition to these horses passed at Saratoga,the anniversary of Bridget Maloney is the 19th. There is a group of us who never forget her and never will.

    • Those of us who saw her laying in the landfill, discarded like trash by her exploiters and abusers, will NEVER forget.

    • Hi Nancy,

      Horseracing Wrongs had a mobile billboard truck at Saratoga Race Course on August 27 of this year (Travers Day) with footage of horses falling and dying on the track. We also had 50 protesters with photos of abuses and slaughter images. Patrick and I also performed “speak-outs,” where we told people going into the track stats and information on the animal cruelty they support by passing through the gates.

      Thank you for remembering Bridget and all of the horses.

      Nicole Arciello
      Executive Director Horsracing Wrongs
      If you would like to donate to our campaigns you can do so at the link below. Now through Friday, September 16th at 12:59 pm EST, donations will be matched at 50% up to $50. https://www.globalgiving.org/projects/help-end-horseracing-in-the-united-states/

      • Nicole,thank you. I did see the mobil with the “falls”. I commented on ArmsRunner going down and will never forget it with Lasardane going down too and jockeys prancing off without a care. But my thought is if we show these horror scenes, it will make an impact into reality of it all.

    • BRIDGET MOLONEY was last raced on September 25, 2019 and was vanned off at Mountaineer.
      For several years, the standard method of EQUINE CARCASS DISPOSAL was to dump the dead bodies of racehorses in West Virginia in the landfill with the garbage. It took this shocking photo and exposure to get the “three” West Virginia Racing Commissioners to start a necropsy program for all horses killed at WV race tracks, supposedly. Who knows how many dead racehorses were dumped in West Virginia landfills for so many years? It took this picture of BRIDGET MOLONEY lying dead in a WV landfill with garbage to bring this disgusting practice to the attention of the public.

      • All the necropsies in the world will not change the abuse these horses suffer – and this step was only to placate the animal right activists, not because these people actually give half a shit about the horses they tossed out like garbage.

        • Wouldn’t you know that the point of killing horses for racing and wagering would be lost on these morally depraved, horse-abusing, horse-killing people?!

  2. What a bunch of amazing voices for the racehorses!
    Thanks to all who stood out in the hot sun out of respect for the racehorses who died.
    On that note, can you imagine how the racehorses feel being forced in excessive inhumane heat conditions with a maximum amount of stress on their respiratory systems while being beaten to go faster?
    Also, being injected with Lasix which dehydrates them so they can be lighter to run faster?
    Unimaginable horror.

  3. this demonstration at saratoga race track applies to racing in nj. we have a large and growing body of citizens who recognize that horse racing is horse abuse and that horses at 2 years old and 3 years old are babies whose limbs cannot take the strain of running around a race track and they die on the race tracks. nobody shoudl be racing 2 and 3 year old horse. they can live to 20 nd 30 years old and we are taking theri lives from them in 23 hours in stalls and being whppped and drugged. this in fact is horse abuse and it needs to be stopped. now. we will nto stand for this catering for $2 bets to have horses abused like this. this entire business needs to stop. we cannot abuse animasls like this anymnore.

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