9-Year-Old Killed Training at Finger Lakes Today

This morning at Finger Lakes, reports the Gaming Commission, Open Book suffered multiple fractures while training and was euthanized. He was nine years old.

This is horseracing.

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  1. Multiple fractures. No one can explain how these horses’ bones quite literally disintegrate while running on a flat dirt track.

    • I can explain it: They’re bred to have the bone density of freaking BIRDS. Stuff ’em into tiny boxes full-time — as babies, that is — and then periodically whip them to run at breakneck speeds. Throw in a whole pharmacy of drugs, administered by the sleaziest, creepiest, greediest population of human participants in the gambling world (outside of dog fighting, maybe). Then, be sure to act really, really surprised when the inevitable and the hideous happens — in cases where you’re not easily able to cover up your carnage, because you’re in New York…
      Voila! Mystery solved:(

  2. I have said this before, but Finger Lakes is the absolute bottom of the swamp. Most people who race there are living from hand to mouth, and instead of trying to earn their own living, they prefer to use up and throw away their poor horses to make a few bucks. It’s sickening.

    • In this business everything is stacked against the health and well-being of the horse – from breeding to unnatural living conditions to impossible physical and psychological demands. We see the results daily.
      Kelly, dog fighting is illegal and horse racing is legal. That is the main difference.

  3. How is it legal to literally run horses to literal death even in regulated horseracing? Besides cheating to win purse money and cheating to win bets on horses, these morally depraved people are killing their horses and expect public funding to support their depravity.

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