9-Year-Old Practically Snaps His Leg Off at Fairmount

Goneghost in the 2nd at Fairmount yesterday: “Goneghost began to yield leaving the bend, fell into the lane and was humanely euthanized.” He was nine years old – geriatric for racehorses; prime of life for free horses – and this was his 41st time under the whip. He was also “For Sale” (cheap) the day he died. This poor, poor boy.

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    • They see it happen, they just don’t care. Their bets are more important to them than the life – or death – of a sentient being.

        • Do not be fooled: these people do not pray, and barely give a thought. It’s on to the next one, always.

          • It’s just an expression people use on social media to acknowledge the death of a horse; usually one that is running at a higher level, not claiming races. The point is that they are completely indifferent to the human-inflicted suffering of horses forced to race until disabling & fatal injuries occur, regardless of whether or not they actually pray.

  1. horse snaps his leg off while racing – racing needs to be shut down. there is no need for this slaughterhouse for horses. stop it now

  2. 41 starts. And the people who own him were just trying to wring the last buck they could out of him and sell him down the line to end up in a slaughter house. Sociopaths. People in racing simply cannot have any normal emotions.

  3. Six horses killed every day in this despicable industry is unacceptable. Killing horses in the pursuit of winning a race or a bet should be punished by law! Killing one horse is unacceptable!
    This is what these evil people call part of the game. It’s barbaric and inhumane.
    This evil cruelty to horses must be stopped!

  4. This is horrible and ridiculous. There is no reason to be racing horse’s like this. This is not entertainment, this is filthy disgusting blood greed. Its animal cruelty and should be a crime.

  5. This is horrible and so could have been prevented as there had to be many signs of this before hand. This is enrages me.

  6. Absolutely heartbreaking and horrific, and for what….all for the sake of a few dollars or five minutes of glory. These people truly are heartless, but never mind, collect the insurance money and just move onto their next ‘victim’…..

  7. Horrible and heartbreaking. What makes it extra sad, for me, is that having a horse has been the dream of my life. I would have loved to have cared for that poor horse. So sick!

  8. GONEGHOST this is your obituary that was never given to you, but I will give it to you.
    GONEGHOST a multiple stake winner who ran his ass-off for his owner WILLIAM STIRITZ.
    He was an anomoly in the racing world because he wasn’t “royally-bred” nor did he come from one of those million dollar fancy farms in Kentucky.
    GONEGHOST made WILLIAM STIRITZ over $422,000 in 4 years from 2016 to 2020.
    As soon as he didn’t perform he was dropped very low, $10,000, for a multiple stake winner and it was very clear that his better days were done and his body had given out.
    That’s the thanks he gets from an owner who now has over $422,000 in his bank account and this is a prime example of what my late Mom refers to as “heartless.”
    An owner who can watch a racehorse like this make them rich, more or less, and then not take care of them has a piece of their heart missing.
    Since horse racing has repeat offenders I decided to look into William Stiritz and, lo and behold, he’s doing it to another racehorse called WILDWOOD’S BEAUTY.
    This 6 y.o mare has made Stiritz over $639,025 and she has recently stopped performing at the upper levels so her living hell is probably around the corner just like GONEGHOST.
    WD was purchased at the Florida sale while GONEGHOST was bringing home the money and his earnings, most likely, paid for her because it sure as hell didn’t pay for him to be looked after instead of snapping his leg-off in a race.
    Unfortunately, WILLIAM STIRITZ is not an anomoly and he knew damn well that GG was in peril and needed to be brought home for retirement.
    Instead, this morally deprived piece of shit dumped him and deliberately got rid of his problem for somebody else to deal with – so typical in horse racing.
    GONEGHOST may your spirit in heaven rain down a living hell on this pathetic human being.

    • The claiming races had to have been created by repeat offenders and for repeat offenders. Squeezing every last dime out of the horses is their modus operandi.

    • Thank you for these profound sentiments about a beloved beautiful talented animal that had to be abused by some piece of shit scum of the earth!!!!!! These beloved horses run for their lives and for the greedy motherfuckers that do it it’s bloodmoney like you said😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
      Honestly I pray God‘s vengeance on this subhuman scum of the earth!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. stiritz is not missing part of his heart, he never had one to begin with. I usually don’t wish misfortune or bad things on people, but this lump of pond scum needs to know what it’s like to feel real pain, both physical and mental. God welcomes you Goneghost. You will be beautiful and whole again in Heaven!

  10. This a horrible sport it’s not a sport. You’re sacrificing animals lives for entertainment😞

  11. May God Bless You and all the horses 🐎 who have already died and continue to die making blood 🩸 money for their so called owners. Run free in heaven.

  12. THIS IS FUCKING Despicable sUBHUMAN serial killers from the pit of hell I would do this to the beloved beautiful thoroughbred😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 these subhuman scum from the pit of hell need to rot there for eternity For their evil selfish greedy money grubbing assholes!!!!!!!!! These beautiful beloved horses run for their lives!!!!!!!!!! I hate this business it’s corrupt and despicable !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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