1. How much dirt do these horses breathe into their nostrils and lungs…?
    The pony rider looks like he’s okay with the brute force of manhandling the racehorse by the mouth with the painful bits; and the curb strap on the pony-horse he’s riding is not a strap, it’s a chain. It’s obvious enough that the horses are not happy.

  2. All these horses look very sad except for one who looks angry at their lot in life. Yes, these horses get a tremendous amount of sand or dirt in their faces & eyes! When we were a rider at our now demolished redeveloped track it took many days to get the sand out of our own ears when galloping under sloppy wet conditions. Same with the horses eyes too. Sometimes horses would get eye infections from all the irritation brought by filthy sand driven into their eyes. Most tracks despite “dirt” designation are really sand based derivatives.

  3. This is complete willful ignorance of how to handle horses. No intelligence or empathy, just brute force.
    It’s no wonder that so many racehorses flip over backwards, one last desperate attempt to escape the horrific pressure and pain on their sensitive noses and mouths.

  4. We hear ad nauseam about how the horses are bred to run, how they love to run and how they love the horses!
    Lying is a way of life in racing!
    The end justify the means for these people.
    If pain and suffering is what they think it takes then so be it. They are not horsemen.
    They have no integrity.

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