2-Year-Old “Acts Up,” Falls, Probably Dead at Delta

Last night in the 10th at Delta, Ruse Splash Train “acted up” in the gate; immediately after that gate opened, she went down, hard. She is (probably was) just two years old.


  1. Hard landing, possible broken neck or spinal injury. I usually avoid watching the video clips. I can’t get the images out of my mind. Horrific.

    • Same here. I can usually tell by the still frame posted — and the comments! — whether it’s a good idea for me to hit play on HW videos. It nearly always is not.

  2. It looked like she actually broke her right front leg in the gate.
    But god forbid the vet didn’t just quick stop the start and pull her out to look her over.

    • I think she broke her leg in the gate

      Hard to find words which capture the obscenity writ large by this travesty of a “sport”

  3. This is one sick enterprise – breed – abuse- kill – dump- slaughter!
    In her horrifying death she has escaped years of suffering culminating in a slow or violent death.
    There are no good outcomes for these unfortunates.

  4. Looked like she was not bearing weight in the gate on that one leg. Why didn’t they listen?

  5. All of these EVIL, sick, twisted, vile, morally depraved people working the gates, the veterinarians who do what they are told (because they get their jollies off ABUSING HORSES, plus getting paid for it) and the whole vile, morally depraved, rotten to the core business of perpetually exploiting horses for racing, wagering, breeding, slaughter, money, and their vile ego trips NEED TO BE LOCKED UP in the STATE PENITENTIARY!!!!!
    This organized Animal Cruelty MUST BE OUTLAWED AND THE LAWS against it ENFORCED!!!!!
    This whole evil “game” needs to be TERMINATED from all government subsidies and government-directed benefits including all tax write-offs!!!!!!
    Every person who engages and participates in this heinous ABUSE of, BRUTALITY to, and CRUELTY of HORSES must be punished by law!!!!

    • It’s YOU people who are abortion loving baby killers who are the morally depraved.
      Shame on every one of you liberals.

      • Ohhh JT, I just needed another eyeroll and snorty laugh for the day! Thank you for providing that comedic break!

      • JT Viscaro, because only a “baby killing liberal” would be mortified over what happened to Ruse Splash? You and YOUR kind – whatever that may be – have made it clear the horrifying death of another baby living being (for some betting fun) isn’t worthy of mere acknowledgment.

        And here’s a nugget of truth your small brain hasn’t grasped, apparently – one can have more than one cause and care for one species as much as another. It’s individuals like you who stand for absolutely nothing who should be ashamed – but then you’d need to give a damn about something/someone other than yourself.

      • JT Viscaro, your shotgun-blast-like rhetorical comments indicate to me that you are an ideal candidate for a jail cell. You could write really stupid generalizations that stereotype people on the walls or wherever.
        I personally believe that abortion-on-demand is murder. In the real world, there are some situations where & when an abortion is necessary to save the life of the pregnant woman or girl. One primary example of this type of pregnancy is when the fetus is starting to develop in one of the Fallopian Tubes. In this case, the unborn baby isn’t viable. The mother would die in horrendous and agonizing pain, IF MEDICAL TREATMENT (meaning an abortion) IS DENIED. I don’t know if you can imagine what that would be like for a woman or a young girl. I think that pregnancy prevention is very necessary. Birth control pills should be available to prevent pregnancy. The way I see it, pregnancy prevention and birth control are technically not exactly the same. Taking birth control pills prevents pregnancy, whereas an abortion prevents a normal birth. Not everyone makes this distinction. I totally disagree with late term abortions on demand just because it’s inconvenient to have a baby. Also, there needs to be more honest people to step up and provide a decent amount of compassion and humanitarian support for women and girls in dire straits. Where is a young girl or woman who has been raped, for example, supposed to go for help???? If a man doesn’t want to be responsible for raising a child, he can arrange for the pregnant woman to have an abortion instead of the baby. There is not always a way out for a pregnant woman who can no longer work for a paycheck because being pregnant makes her vomit all hours of the day and night. This is just a small sampling of the real world beyond your stereotyping.

      • Have you ever thought that it is possible to have what you consider to be “liberal” ideas about certain issues and also have what you may consider “conservative” ideas on other issues.
        Do you really think you can just ascribe the “liberal” label to a group based on their stance on one issue such as animal cruelty?!!!
        Do you think your assumptions could be wrong?!

        • Seems he wandered into the wrong place by mistake. I’m not, but anyone here who’s from the South knows what it means to say to someone, ‘bless your heart.’ That’s the sense in which I use it here.

  6. It seems obvious to me that RUSE SPLASH TRAIN broke her front right ankle/leg.
    Also, it seems obvious to me that RST’s fracture happened in the gate and/or she had a pre-existing fracture before they loaded her into the gate.
    In other words, it’s highly possible that her connections sent her out to die.
    I don’t put it past these morally bankrupt apologists.
    She knew it and she reared up to protect herself from running because she can’t say “I’m not running today with this sore ankle/leg you bastards.”
    This breakdown is horrific and heartbreaking, but aren’t they all?
    RST was a BABY – 2 y.o baby! who made over $150,000 because she was a runner.
    She was made for the hundreds of millions of dollars in subsidies handed out to Louisiana horse racing every year.
    The big rubber stamp with zippo oversight that GUARANTEES racehorses like RST die.
    There’s no way she made it through this.
    She’s probably under a tarp dead right now or at the local dump site with her racing plates still one.
    You heartless morally deprived ungrateful bastards – every single one of you and that includes the politicians who continue to use public subsidies to support it.

    • Gina, thank you! Whatever they did to RUSE SPLASH TRAIN, they did it on purpose AND just look at the outcome in the video. She can’t get up on her front feet/legs and the gate worker is pulling on her head with the lead or reins or whatever the hell that son of a bitch could get his hands on to manhandle a freshly CRIPPLED AND DISABLED BABY FILLY!!!! It isn’t rocket science! No compassion for the horses!

  7. no horsein the starting gate acting like that should be immediately takenk otu of the race. immediately. clearly she was so drugged she could not run

  8. I’d like to see if she ever did get back up, and which leg she was then holding up. She did look as if she was trying to get up. If a horse acts up like this, they should be scratched, on the spot. The starter should have that option, to scratch a horse who doesn’t load, who doesn’t want to load, or once in the gate, acts up, rears up, or tries to bolt through the gate. No vet needed-give the starter the right to scratch a horse on the spot, and be free of any guff from the management on his or her decision.
    Was it Barbaro, who burst through the gate, in the Preakness, a race he was favored to win. He ended up being euthanized, due to laminitis, months later. He’d been agitated in the saddling area, prior to the race, which people around him remarked, at the time, was odd for him.
    What is with these people? They claim to “know” horses. They claim to know all about them, their needs, wants, and moods. The claim they know when horses are in pain, or feeling good.
    So, when a normally calm horse is acting “agitated,” why do these people who claim to have so much knowledge about horses, ignore it? When Barbaro then broke through the starting gate, something he’d never done before, did no one think the horse was trying to tell them something? When a horse who it is claimed was never anything but calm and focused in the starting gate, breaks through it suddenly, why does no one say, “This is not this horse’s day. Scratch him, take him back to the stall, and get the vet to run a full physical with x rays, blood work, the whole nine yards.”
    I keep thinking, why does the jockeys’ association make a stink about these obviously hurting horses being run? How many jockeys are out of work for months, due to injuries each year? How many end up permanently unable to work at anything, due to disabilities gotten from racing injuries? How many are paralyzed? How many die, because some trainer/owner wants an injured horse claimed away from his little stable located at some small racino that never fills the stands and barely breaks even?
    And, how many times do we have to tell people, this “sport” is nothing ore than government sanctioned animal abuse?

    • Everything you wrote is a spot-on evaluation. Animals DO ‘talk’ to us, but we have to be present for them to realize when they do. Everybody wanted Barbaro to run in the Preakness because they all were sure that he would be the horse to break the Triple Crown drought. He broke something, all right, just not what those people expected. You apparently can do what you like to a horse, because they are so compliant with their humans. But they will always have the last word.

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