2-Year-Old Given Sedative Then Falls During Training

A ruling yesterday from the Delaware Racing Commission:

“Owner/trainer Jaime Cruz is fined $1,000 for failing to protect a horse in his charge against the administration of prohibited drugs or medications. In testimony, Cruz’s exercise person admitted to giving Acepromazine to El Rey de Papa without the knowledge of Cruz on the morning [Aug 25] the horse fell during training. Cruz has been absent from his trainer’s duties on multiple occasions and does not employ an assistant trainer to oversee his barn.”

Acepromazine, by the way, is a sedative. No explanation as to why El Rey was given it. As for the two-year-old, no word yet on whether he survived.

This is horseracing.


  1. these two should be permanentlky eliminated from working in horse rac ing. throw them out of this job. theyu cant be trusted.

  2. This story leaves a lot of unanswered questions. The bottom line is it’s animal abuse, drug abuse, stupidity and moral depravity. I believe there was definitely malicious intent for an exercise rider to give this colt a sedative. Why would anyone do something so stupid and so criminal??? Unless he was paid to do it??? Law enforcement and the FBI should be involved but who knows if we’ll ever hear about it???
    These baby horses don’t deserve this ABUSE and CRUEL, INHUMANE TREATMENT!!!!!

  3. In this case. I would imagine the gallop boy (or girl) gave it to the horse because they know or anticipate the horse to be rambunctious, high strung, and possibly out of control. (Go figure – in a stall, with minimal to no turnout – what could go wrong there, right??). We have given it on occasion to horses we rescued off the track for the first time or so that they were turned out – because we worried that they would be so wound up they would run through a fence or run until they hurt themselves. Once they got used to turn out and being able to be a horse again, we no longer gave it

  4. Why on earth would a horse be given a tranquilizer on any given day when there would be training if not for intentional mishap to happen. Ace is a strong sedative which would render an animal senseless. This is a disgusting act of intentional harm.

    • I agree with you 100% Melissa!!!!!! Since when is it legal for an exercise rider to administer any type of drug to any racehorse at any time????

    • They’re too stupid to know what Ace could potentially do to the horse, Melissa – they really are. These folks at the tracks aren’t “horsemen”/“horsewomen”…they don’t have farms with horses they’ve been caring for…they have no equine knowledge other than what a child has regarding an animal – you give them food and water. Drugs at the track are a given – a mentally-immature (baby) two-year-old is nervous? – being made to do something that’s far beyond what he can tolerate? – drug him.

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