2-Year-Old Dead at Belmont

Three weeks after the fact, the NYS Gaming Commission reports this for Mo Jets at Belmont August 9: “developed laminitis, euthanized.” He was only two years old.

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  1. My preliminary research leads me down, yet another, deep, dark tunnel of corruption.
    The owner on record for MO JETS is “Team D.”
    Like many owner’s names in horse racing you really don’t know who they are because the operate under names that are not their own.
    Yet, there is every indication that ‘Team D’ might be Richard E. Dutrow Jr. et al.
    A reminder that horse racing overlooked 64 serious violations at 15 different tracks before he was handed a 10 year suspension.
    Repeat offenders and serial racehorse killers are revered in horse racing and Dutrow is no exception.
    One of the many victims of Dutrow and this entire vile business is a racehorse named FASTUS CACTUS.
    Even after he was injected with serious dope this vile business forced him to continue his servitude to the usual claiming parasites on the New York circuit.
    He was claimed over 10 times and I watched some of his replays showing excessive whipping and beating to make him flip a buck.
    On March 15, 2012 he was beaten and whipped badly in the stretch and suffered a horrific breakdown – “vanned-off” and if that isn’t bad enough there was yet another claim in on him.
    Anyways, TEAM D has no less than 20 syndicates/partnerships on record with many suspicious racehorse deaths under them.
    MO JETS allegedly had an equine insurance policy in place for his purchase price of $225,000 – cha-ching, what a quick way to flip a buck by ruining a baby.
    MO JETS is a NY-bred who was made for the hundreds of millions of dollars handed out every year to these vile parasites to ruin racehorse lives with zippo oversight.

    • Thank God we have your insider knowledge Gina. You ALWAYS lay it out so well for EVERYONE to see the truth. This atrocity needs go down like Greyhound racing. I know I will not stop til it does. I’m like a pitbull when I feel passionate about a cause.

      • Yes! Gina is the greatest. Not surprising that the usual industry blowhards — the ever-journalistic racing press and officials with the trade organizations like The Jockey Club, and, now, HISA — don’t even pretend to refute her statements.
        (They’re all too busy trying to cover up the vast majority of their racehorse kills to respond with any actual TRANSPARENCY. Or credibility, integrity, honesty…)
        Hey, HISA and Jockey Clubbers: Take a good look (back) at the Greyhound goons. Because that is your future:)

  2. The mentality of the monsters of the horse racing industry is that killing horses for racing, gaming, wagering is normal. That phrase “a more normal number” referring to the number of horses killed by racing, especially at Santa Anita, is extremely telling.
    In this egregiously CRUEL industry of forcing horses to race for “entertainment” (as some people call it), the deliberate cruelty and causing of physical injuries to horses that can be “career ending” and life ending is routine. FATAL injuries are inflicted on horses more often than these demented people would like to admit and these monsters cause bad things to happen to horses at every racetrack where horses are exploited.
    These monsters, these horse-killing monsters, ought to be profiled in much the same way as John Walsh profiled the FBI’s list of America’s most wanted.

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