A Challenge to All Racing Supporters: Justify the Death of Bellybutton Icon – Go Ahead, I Dare You

Through a FOIA request to the Arizona Dept. of Gaming, I have confirmed the following kills at that state’s tracks thus far this year. (I will be posting in installments.)

Launch Pad, Apr 20, Turf T
“ran into rail: complete, comminuted fracture; muscle tearing; hemorrhage”
also: “chronic ulcerative gastritis”
Launch Pad was four years old.

Bellybutton Icon, Apr 28, Turf R
“horse fell: [multiple] severely comminuted scapula fractures; severe complete metacarpus fracture [with] an area of degloving with missing skin; large amount of hemorrhage and muscle tearing; acute intracranial hemorrhage; multiple lacerations; dirt and crusted blood on the face; fly eggs on the neck”
also: “ulcerated areas in stomach; chronic multifocal arthritis”
Bellybutton Icon had just turned two. Two – now go back and re-read the above.

Make Me Blush, May 3, Turf R
“comminuted sesamoid fracture with lacerations of several ligaments and tendons; horse had seizure after Euthasol was administered”
also: “chronic degenerative joint disease [both front limbs]; chronic gastric ulceration”
Make Me Blush was five years old.

Autism’s Ribbon, May 4, Turf T
“horse fell: open, comminuted cannon fracture with multiple bone fragments that penetrate through the skin – one measuring 3.5cmx2.5cm sticking through”
also: “chronic-active gastric ulcers”
Autism’s Ribbon was two years old.

Cash Icon, Jun 27, Arizona R
“blunt-force trauma: compound fracture, exposed bone fragments, hemorrhage, extensive soft-tissue tearing”
also: “multiple stomach ulcers”
Cash Icon was seven years old.

Outlaw, Jun 27, Arizona R
“[multiple] fractures, tendon sheath fully torn, [multiple] ligaments ruptured or frayed, 10cm-deep puncture wound near the jugular oozing blood”
Outlaw was seven years old.

In addition, these horses are confirmed dead but came without full necropsies:

Creative Plan, Feb 11, Turf T – “fractured fetlock”
Sweet Baby Ruthie, Jun 4, Arizona S – “colic” (was raced May 29)
Carete, Jun 22, Arizona T – “sudden death” (four years old)
yet-to-be-named 2-year-old, Jun 26, Arizona T – “head/neck trauma”

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  1. Only morally depraved people could do this to horses.
    Anyone who thinks this premeditated, malicious and willful abuse of horses is okay is morally depraved.

  2. Shout-out to the (highly journalistic, ever-vigilant, equine-justice-seeking) RACING PRESS for their collective failure to even mention the killing of Make Me Blush. This poor gelding was “trained” by Wade Freaking Rarick, of horror-story Creative Plan fame. (A few of the trade rags were forced to acknowledge the sickening story of poor Creative Plan after REAL news and social media let it slip how CP was tortuously killed by racing creeps, including Mr. Rarick.) A couple racing “reporters” even followed up on his hideous abuse tale, posting the response from Arizona’s crack team of racing so-called regulators: “No rules were broken” in putting this obviously crippled, suffering animal to the whip at Turf Pairo’Deaths, they claimed.
    Fast-forward a couple months, and there’s the upstanding Mr. Rarick, sending his next victim out to die: Make Me Blush obliges, of course. This time, however, the racing press scatters, cockroach-like, to avoid mentioning MMB’s disgusting breakdown, van-off, and “humane” euthanasia. Guess they failed to see a pattern developing with Mr. Rarick — same pattern that exists at all three desert dump, horse-killing, meatgrinder tracks in Arizona.

    • The old “Euthanasia “ …..you know who I wish had to get euthanized? 🤔🤣. Save the horses,ditch the people.

  3. Has anyone started petitions that could start the process of banning horse racing altogether?

    • Do you mean in addition to the three petitions listed below? There is one to end horseracing in California, one to end horseracing in New York and one to end the subsidies to horseracing in Pennsylvania.

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