Rush to Honor Confirmed Dead at Saratoga

The chart for the 10th at Saratoga last Thursday said that Rush to Honor “appeared to suffer an injury” after the wire and was “vanned off.” The Gaming Commission reports today that he was euthanized, making him the 11th dead athlete there this summer.

This is horseracing.


  1. Well, well well… racing is so predictable when it comes to racehorses dying and whose killing them.
    First of all, Saratoga is right on track for their average 15 kills per meet or close to it.
    Second, whose killing them?
    Unfortunately, RUSH TO HONOR ended up in the barns of serial racehorse killers 1) Linda Rice 2) second start claimed by Chris J. Englehart.
    We are all too familiar with the “Englehart” family and their history of racehorses dying when they get claimed by them.
    RTH didn’t have a chance.
    Incidentally, the owner on record for RTH was My Purple Haze Stables who is owned by Wanda Polisseni who owns about 50 standardbred and 50 thoroughbreds.
    For 18 years she’s dumped, and watched her horses get mangled and die.
    There are no gender differences when it comes to the apologists exploiting racehorses.
    Yet, she still “loves” horse racing and the horses of course.
    How’s that for a delusion?

  2. The whole thing(using innocent animals,has been wrong from the beginning) Listen people …. you literally have millions of legitimate things and real sports to indulge your sick twisted character flaw(compulsive gambling addiction) Go satisfy your sickness on humans ….who have free choice. Leave the innocent,unable to consent gorgeous animals alone. LEAVE ANIMALS out of your Corny bulls**t.

  3. Again, ANOTHER dead Horse — each & every day Society accepts the abuse & killings of HORSES — in the name of “entertainment” — how much evidence do we need? — we MUST SHUT DOWN this depravedly cruel industry — FOREVER.

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