More From Turf: “Traumatic Blunt-Force Injury to Head and Neck”

Through a FOIA request to the Arizona Dept. of Gaming, I have confirmed the following kills at that state’s tracks thus far this year. (I will be posting in installments.)

Black Drop, Mar 11, Turf R – “horse collapsed [after race], died within few minutes”
also: “chronic ulcerative gastritis; hemorrhagic ulcer in the right eye socket”
Black Drop was four years old.

Brewery Gulch, Mar 17, Turf T – “hit steel rail – severe, acute comminuted fracture”
also: “trauma on 11/15/21 [left one eye blind]; chronic ulcerative gastritis”
Brewery Gulch was four years old.

Declared Best Card, Mar 24, Turf R – “[multiple] vertebral fractures”
also: “ulcerative gastritis”
Declared Best Card was three years old.

All American Candy, Apr 6, Turf R – “fell: traumatic blunt-force injury to head/neck”
also: “pulmonary hemorrhage; gastric ulceration”
All American Candy was two years old.

Green Eye Woman, Apr 19, Turf T – “acute pelvic fracture”
also: “gastric parasites, large intestinal parasites”
Green Eye Woman was two years old.


  1. Some of this is just plain inadequate care and trauma that could have been avoided. How do they get away with such cruelty?

  2. How can anyone read this list of injuries to these horses and their subsequent deaths and not be repulsed!?!?!?!
    Horseracing is revolting!
    This deliberate cruelty to horses must be stopped by passing legislation that addresses this heinous abuse of horses!!!!!

  3. I’ve said it before – the injuries these horses suffer are things you would expect from a speed collision with a vehicle or stepping on a land mine, not running down a flat dirt track.

    • A friend has been involved with the care of a little Quarter Horse filly following a rollover accident on a local freeway. The truck driver and passenger were injured and their dog was killed.
      The filly was pretty battered but not to the extent one sees with these racing casualties!!

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